6 Reasons to Stay in the Smoky Mountains

As the weekend approaches, you want to cool off in a beautiful mountain resort after your tough work week. While you look for a memorable weekend getaway, you may have to pay top dollar and end up in a place packed with tourists. It won’t be long before your weekend getaway turns into a nightmare. But that’s not the case here. If you’re in Tennessee, consider visiting The Smoky Mountains national park, a beautiful mountain resort with diverse wildlife, gorgeous scenery, trails for trekking, and a great place to make memories. If you’re still unsure why you should visit, check out these reasons.

Top Reasons To Visit The Smoky Mountains & Stay There

In addition to being the most popular national park, The Smoky Mountains are a perfect weekend getaway destination. With unrivaled scenic beauty and small-town charm, it’s no wonder Americans love vacationing in The Smoky Mountains! With about 12.5 million annual tourists, it’s no wonder The Smoky Mountain cabin rentals are high in demand. Here are a few reasons to consider visiting the Great Smoky Mountains.

#1. Breathtaking Views

The most attractive feature of The Smoky Mountains is, no doubt, its breathtaking views. Upon reaching, you’re greeted by the astonishing view. Several cabins are beside the river, so you can enjoy unobstructed views and access to the water if you stay there. The river offers a calming sound that you can listen to during your morning coffee or at the end of your day while you enjoy your coffee. Moreover, you can also go for a trek early in the morning and experience the wildlife yourself.

The Smoky Mountains is the right place for you if you are an avid birdwatcher, as many bird species exist. It is estimated that the Great Smoky Mountains are home to more than 200 species of birds. This is an excellent place for nature photographers as there are many scenic routes and viewpoints from which to observe and photograph nature.

#2. Amazing Facilities

People don’t usually associate The Smoky Mountains with modern facilities and amenities despite the name. Here the rooms and cabins offer modern amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. So, if you’re tired of the challenging trek? A steaming hot tub is waiting for you. Want to do a movie night with friends and family? Many of the cabins here feature a home theatre. Want to cozy up to the environment around you? Just fire up the fireplaces located in the cabin. The cabins also have a game room where you can play games during the day and witness the majestic views at night. Swimming enthusiasts can rent cabins with indoor pools to burn calories. It is not just about getting a weekend getaway but also about enjoying your stay.

#3. Light on Your Pocket

Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons and the best part about visiting smoky mountain is its affordable prices. You may look at the pictures of The Smoky Mountains and the fantastic facilities, and you may think it may cost an absolute fortune to stay and enjoy it there. But that is not the case; ‘The Smoky Mountains’ is famous for its highly affordable prices. Firstly most of the cabins and rooms are available at very affordable prices. Secondly, cabins of various sizes are available. As a result, if you rent out a large cabin, you can split the cost with your friends, making it even more affordable. Additionally, nearby gift shops and souvenir shops also offer a piece of their heritage for a very modest price. We can safely conclude that smoky mountain is not heavy but light on your pocket.

#4. A Variety of Options

Whatever your needs are, The Smoky Mountains has cabin sizes to fit your needs, whether you’re a newlywed couple looking for a quiet weekend away from the city or a family of five. There are a lot of cabins, and each cabin comes in a variety of sizes.

Whether you rent a one-bedroom studio-like cabin or a full-on three-bedroom house with modern amenities such as hot bathtubs, indoor pools, game rooms, a home theatre, etc., depends on your budget and needs. Likewise, a group of friends who don’t want to stay in different cabins but don’t want to intrude on each other’s privacy can rent cabins with private bedrooms and large common spaces, which maximizes their enjoyment of their weekend getaway.

#5. A Short Distance From All Attractions

Another reason many people are attracted to this great resort is its amazing location. The resort is located in a place that is not only very beautiful but also close to most of the nearby attractions, so you don’t miss out on any action. Whether you want to see the majestic Anakeesta or wander around the island in pigeon forge, you efficiently do it. Everything is located within a short drive from the mountains, so you’ll enjoy a scenic drive most of the time.

#6. An Excellent Location

Last but not least, great location. The location of The Great Smoky Mountains resort, along with all its residential options, is such an ideal place that visitors can easily explore both Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. You can enjoy all the beauty of a secluded cabin vacation while still being just minutes away from Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg’s fun and exciting attractions when you choose to stay in a cabin rental. Visitors can make the most of their trip without compromising on anything, i.e., privacy and outdoor fun.

Wrap Up: Top Reasons To Visit The Smoky Mountains

So there you have it, five plus one reasons to visit the Smoky Mountains for a long weekend (or maybe even more)! Now that you know why the Smoky Mountains are a great place to stay, why don’t you plan your next getaway and book a cabin rental online to avoid any last-minute hassles? Or have you already been to the Smokies? If you have, feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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