5 Reasons You Should Explore Kenya's Amboseli National Park

Kenya is on many people's bucket-lists, and for good reasons. The country is abundant with kind people, vibrant animals and plants and so much more. A subsection of said list, for most, is visiting a national park in Kenya, but which one to choose? Amboseli National Park is very popular and here are five reasons why I personally think you should explore it if you ever have the chance:

#1. To go on Safari

Whenever I hear Kenya I think of safari, because Kenya is one of the most famous and best places in the world to go on safari. Amboseli National Park Safari is arguably the best place to safari in Kenya because of it's unbeatable back-drop (see point 4) and because of the diverse amount of wildlife here. This park is home to over fifty mammals including, but not limited to lions, leopards, zebras and elephants (see below). And it doesn't just stop at mammals, there are also over 600 bird species and reptiles (for example crocodiles, watch out!).

#2. Because of the Elephants

Speaking of elephants, for me I think seeing elephants in Kenya's Amboseli National Park should get its own individual paragraph because Amboseli National Park is one of the top places to see herds of elephants not just in Kenya, but in the whole of Africa (and I suppose technically, in the entire world)! And not just any elephants, but some of the biggest elephants in Africa (and, indeed, again, the world - African elephants being, of course, larger than Asian elephants). This park is literally called 'Home of the African Elephant'. Can it get any cooler?

Whilst seeing elephants is probably, and understandably, one of the things that you really really want to experience in your life, please make sure it's a two way street. Aka that the elephants enjoy it too. And the best way to do that is to keep away from them. Although it has been reported that elephants do find humans cute, that's not always true and they deserve to have peace and space away from us 'orrible 'umans.  So make sure you go with a reputable company that keeps you at a nice, respectful distance.

#3. It's close (relatively) to Nairobi

Amboseli National Park is (relatively) close to Nairobi, Kenya's capital. When I say close I mean about 4 hour's drive. This is great because you can probably combine seeing this national park with also seeing the capital. Another bonus is there are Kenya safaris from Nairobi to Amboseli National Park where they will take care of everything for you - from driving to meals, water to park entrance fees. Highlights in Nairobi include restaurants Maharaja and Soul Vegetarian - both fully vegan (despite the later's rather misleading name). A trip to the Alchemist (Nairobi's hottest bar) is a must too.

#4. You can see Mount Kilimanjaro

In Maasai (the language spoken by the Maasai people who live in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania) Amboseli means salty dust. Why? Because of the volcanic dust from nearby Mount Kilimanjaro. So Amboseli's name is literally connected to Mount Kilimanjaro.

But don't worry, it (probably) won't be covered in volcanic dust when you visit, 2/3 of its cones (Shira and Mawenzi) are extinct and the third, Kibo, is dormant - its last eruption was over 200 years ago and its last major eruption was over 300,000 years ago. Volcanic dust aside, what you will be able to see from Amboseli National Park is Mount Kilimanjaro! Imagine that money shot of a herd of elephants with iconic Kilimanjaro in the background. Picture perfect.

#5. You can hop over to Tanzania

Amboseli National Park is right by the border of Tanzania and Kenya, so why not hop over and visit Tanzania too? Highlights include, of course, Mount Kilimanjaro - the largest mountain in Africa, which you can hike up (or just around). There's also Serengeti National Park, African Great Lakes, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If, like me, you're from the UK, you will need a visa to enter Tanzania either online or, for a single entry, on arrival. You will also need a visa for Kenya that can only be found online nowadays. If you're not from the UK, check your own visa requirements, you might not need one or it might be more complicated. Such is the world of made up borders and passports. (Sorry.)

Wrap Up: 5 Reasons You Should Explore Kenya's Amboseli National Park

So there you have it, five reasons why I personally think you should explore Kenya's Amboseli National Park, from it's great location to it's wonderful wildlife. Although for me I was convinced with just one reason "to see giant elephant herds in front of Kilimanjaro", this list could have gone on a lot longer!

If you've visited and have tips for others wanting to visit feel free to add them to the comments below! Thanks :)

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