8 Things to Do in Los Angeles: the Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills and More

We have been to L.A. before and wrote about it too - today, we bring you another post about the City of Angels! Los Angeles is known for its relaxed lifestyle compared to other major global cities. The tropical atmosphere of Los Angeles is similar to that of a trip to Hawaii, with its lovely beaches and many palm palms. The city is also renowned as a melting pot because it attracts people from different ethnicities and ways of life. It is famous for its beaches, culture, weather and remarkable destinations. While visiting Los Angeles, you must have to focus on the following things that you can do in LA.

#1. Make sure to have your picture taken in front of the famous Hollywood sign!

Suppose there is one item that unmistakably represents Los Angeles. In that case, it has to be the Hollywood Sign, which is recognized all over the globe as a symbol of Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Taking a picture with this world-famous landmark in Los Angeles is almost always at the very top of most people's lists of "Things to Do in LA," much like taking a picture with the Empire State Building in New York City or the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

#2. Walk around the Santa Monica Pier!

Santa Monica Pier is also the endpoint of the famous Route 66. It is home to the first solar-powered Ferris wheel, which provides a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of the surrounding region, as well as nine other thrilling attractions in its amusement park, Pacific Park (which I highly recommend). According to HolidayParrots.com, this well-liked California beach town is known for more than just its sandy shores and amusement park. Third Street Promenade is just a short distance from the pier, and it is known for its vibrant atmosphere and variety of shops.

#3. Have fun at a theme park!

Universal Studios, Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and several other amusement parks can't be missed on a trip to Los Angeles. Visit Universal Studios if you're a lover of movies like Jurassic Park and Transformers and the new Harry Potter attraction, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Disneyland in Anaheim is a must-see for anybody who enjoys fantastical stories or is on a family vacation there. Drive time from L.A. is just 30–45 minutes. Or you could ride the giant roller coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain and have your whole life turned upside down. Some of the most exciting rides are the X2, Goliath, and Tatsu, and they scare the living daylights out of people every time!

#4. Lose yourself in Beverly Hills!

Here in Los Angeles nearby, you may enjoy a nice route over the city's rolling hills while gazing (or clapping) at some rather posh high-rises. Roxbury Drive, Carolwood Drive, Crescent Drive, Mulholland Drive (have you seen David Lynch's film titled after this place?), and Bedford Drive are just a few of the avenues where celebrities may make their homes. Last but not least, when at Beverly Gardens Park, snap a photo at the "Beverly Hills" sign.

#5. Visit the Griffith Observatory & Griffith Park!

The Griffith Observatory can be found at the top of Mount Hollywood, and it offers breath-taking sights that extend down to the coast, taking in Downtown Los Angeles along the way. The Hollywood sign, which is one of the most well-known monuments in California, can also be seen from the park in very near proximity.

Astronomy enthusiasts are in for a treat when they visit the Observatory. Every night that the Observatory is open and the sky is clear, the public is welcome to use the enormous Zeiss telescope that is located on the Observatory's roof. Numerous films, notably "La La Land," which was awarded an Academy Award for Best Original Song, have shot various sequences in Griffith Park and within the Observatory building itself.

#7. A visit to Rodeo Drive is an absolute need while in Los Angeles!

When visiting Los Angeles, you just must spend at least one day strolling along Rodeo Drive. There aren't many other retail areas that can compare to the prestige and high prices of Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, California. Gucci, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton are just a few of the luxury labels sold here. In addition, there are a lot of expensive sports cars and luxury vehicles cruising the streets.  Take a picture at the end of the street beside the "Rodeo" sign.

#6. Stroll Venice Beach & the Boardwalk!

Most people love the bohemian atmosphere of Venice, one of the most popular and chill areas in Los Angeles. There is a bike path down the 1.5-mile-long mile-long beachfront, as well as restaurants, pubs, skate and surf stores, hundreds of local vendors selling graphic shirts, piercings, tattoos, arts and crafts exhibits, and street acts to cheering audiences.

A beach-side gym and a skate ramp where youngsters and adults can show off their talents complement the spectacular panorama of palm palms and the ocean at Venice Beach. The walls of several of the buildings are painted in eye-catching murals. Night or day, you can count on seeing visitors and models attempting to get the perfect photo for Instagram.

#8. Walk of Fame

Locals in superhero costumes attempt to earn money from visitors. Why highlight it as a top Los Angeles activity? Well, its history warrants a separate location. The TCL Chinese Theater is still present, hosting over 50 movie premieres and film festivals a year. When I was in LA, we saw a premiere here, and it was wonderful. Try to locate your favorite stars on the 1.3-mile Walk of Fame.

Wrap Up: 8 Things To Do In Los Angeles

The aforementioned activities are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Los Angeles, California, has to offer. You should be certain that your journey will leave you eager to learn more about the area once you return home.

What about you, what are you favourite things to do in L.A.? Feel free to share any ideas & tips below!

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