The Top 10 Most Memorable Bali Tour Activities Everyone Must Try

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If you want to have an unforgettable adventure full of fun and enjoyment, then Bali tours and activities will make your tour memorable and fulfil your dreams!

The Top 10 Most Memorable Bali Tour Activities

Here are the top ten activities that every adventurous traveller should probably try in Bali:

#1. Ubud tour:

Ubud is becoming a very well-known, popular tourist destination in Bali because it offers a variety of magnificent art, mythology, and cultural history. You can, for example, begin by visiting a coffee plantation, then move on to craft villages, the stunning Tegalalang rice terrace and the Elephant Cave Temple. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary allows visitors to get up close and personal with macaques. Ubud, situated in Gianyar Regime, Bali, is a spellbinding location with a rich social legacy and shocking magnificence. Here are some thrilling Ubud visits and outings visitors often think about:

  • an all-inclusive Ubud private tour: a private tour which lets you create your own itinerary, if this is your first time to Ubud, so that you can take in sights like the Puri Lukisan Exhibition Hall, which is well known for its speciality displays and the Blanco Renaissance Gallery, which is encircled by beautiful nurseries.
  • Nusa Penida by private boat, snorkelling spots, swim with mantas + land tour: You will arrive in Nusa Penida in style aboard your very own 12-meter speedboat. By snorkelling in the pristine waters you can take in the stunning natural beauty of the island.
  • Bali Secret Waterfall Tour - Private and All-Inclusive: witness the wizardry of lovely streaming cascades on this striking visit.
  • Tanah Lot and North Bali Tour, a scenic journey: Investigate the stunning Tanah Part Sanctuary and other grand spots in North Bali during this 8–10 hour visit.

Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, offers charming conventional dance performances. Here are some iconic ones you can enjoy:

  • Legong dance: This classical dance portrays stories from ancient epics with finesse and grace.It features intricate movements of the feet, hands, and exaggerated facial expressions.
  • Barong dance: Witness the eternal battle between good and evil in this performance. Barong, the king of spirits, confronts Rangda, the demon queen (spoiler alert: Barong always wins!)

#2. Bali ATV ride:

A Bali ATV ride is a part of the Bali tour and activities, allowing you to ride an ATV bike, also known as a Buggy Bike, for a 2-hour trek along off-road paths, to witness captivating views during the journey. In the village near the track, you will see rice terraces and distinctive everyday cultural events.

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The ATV guide will lead your excursion and provide exceptional service to ensure a pleasant experience. Here are the highlights:

  • Landscape exploration: Before you begin your ride through a variety of terrains, your knowledgeable instructor will give you a safety briefing: plantations, rice terraces, bamboo forests, jungles, rivers, and charming villages.
  • Specialised difficulties: the instructor will lead you through technical terrain, including slopes that seem impossible, if you're up for a challenge. You'll get through sections of downhill and power your way back uphill.
  • Remarkable recollections: investigate Bali's secret magnificence more than ever. Ride a powerful 250cc ATV through stunning countryside and feel the rush of adrenaline.

#3. White Water Rafting Bali in Ubud (Ayung River):

The Bali Ayung Waterway boating visit is one of the most outstanding Balinese boating visit bundles in the northern part of Ubud, with a lovely and high stream bank. With the ripples feeding the river, exploring Bali's nature through a fun river, and crossing exciting and demanding rapids make for an unforgettable white water rafting Bali experience during your vacation in Bali.

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The Ayung River is a top white-water river in Bali for rating activities. It is easily accessible and close to Ubud, a popular tourist destination. If you've been to Bali for a few days and feel like you've had enough sun and beaches, head to Ubud village. Here are the best three rivers for rafting in Bali:

Telaga Waja River (Karangasem Regency):

  • Thrilling rapids: the Telaga Waja River features rapids with a higher difficulty level, making it perfect for adrenaline junkies seeking excitement.
  • Stunning scenery: Enjoy views of rice fields, roc0k cliffs, and waterfalls along the river.
  • Adrenaline pumping: Descend a waterfall from a height of 4 meters, guaranteed to get your heart racing.

Ayung River (Ubud):

  • Family-friendly: the Ayung River is a favourite among families and beginners.
  • Challenges and beauty: a blend of challenges and natural beauty, with class 2 and class 3 rapids.
  • Lush jungles: Immerse yourself in lush jungle surroundings and cascading waterfalls!

#4. Beach Watersports and the Lempuyang Temple

In eastern Bali, the Lempuyang Sanctuary, also known as the Gate of Heaven, is a charming attraction.

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The Lempuyang Sanctuary visit's features incorporate the accompanying:

  • Gates of Heaven at Lempuyang Temple: Capture breathtaking images with Mt. Agung in the background.    
  • Tirta Gangga water castle: Investigate the previous imperial water castle with its quiet reflecting pools.
  • Kerta Gosa (Lobby of Equity): Admire intricate artwork and elegant architecture.
  • Bat Cave Temple (Pura Goa Lawah): Witness thousands of bats packed tightly along the cave.
  • Asah Hill (Bukit Asah) and white sand beach: Relax and enjoy the scenic views.

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All of this includes:

  • Private hotel transfer with an air-conditioned vehicle;
  • Professional English-speaking driver;
  • Entrance fees at all tourist destinations;
  • Lunch at a local restaurant;
  • Bottled water.

#5. Snorkelling in Bali:

Snorkelling offers a chance to explore underwater wonders. We recommend that you investigate Nusa Penida with a confidential quick boat, go snorkelling and visit scenic spots.

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Some highlights of the Nusa Penida island beach tour and snorkelling adventure (private and all-inclusive) are:

  • exploring Crystal Bay and Wall Point;
  • encountering reef manta rays with wingspans up to 18 feet!

#6. Further Nusa Penida Tours

Nusa Penida, an island off the coast of Bali, offers breathtaking natural beauty and exciting adventures.

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Here are some popular Nusa Penida tours you might consider:

  • Travelling to Nusa Penida in style on your own 12-meter speed vehicle: you can swim at four dazzling spots and swim with glorious manta rays - remember: a land tour is a great way to see the island's stunning scenery!
  • All-inclusive day trip to Nusa Penida: you can find the best of this island in only one day and look for places that are good for Instagram.
  • Nusa Penida one day comprehensive road trip: you can head south to the remote Nusa Penida island to get away from Bali's crowds of tourists and take a trip that includes everything.
  • Nusa-Penida customised tour, all-inclusive, which is a must-do trip to experience the best of Bali and explore Nusa Penida hidden gems!

#7. Waterfall Tour and ATV Ride

An exciting ATV tour that includes waterfall experiences is the Bali jungle and a tunnel ATV Adventure.

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This tour includes:

  • In Bali, cruise through tunnels, villages, waterfalls, and jungles;
  • Pick between solo rides (ages 13+) or pair rides (ages 6+);
  • Incorporates ATV rental, guide, wellbeing stuff, and protection;
  • A variety of locations can be used for pickup.

#8. Ulun Danu temple tour, Jatiluwih, and Tanah Lot

It's really worth exploring these beautiful sites in Bali!

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  • The Temple of Ulun Danu Beratan: situated on Lake Beratan, this famous Balinese Hindu sanctuary appears to drift on the water. It's a peaceful and beautiful spot. The temple is surrounded by lush gardens and is dedicated to the goddess of water, Dewi Danu. Keep your camera handy because the temple's reflection in the lake is stunning.
  • Twelve Jatiluwih Rice Terraces: these terraced rice fields are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Go for a comfortable stroll through the lavish green scene and wonder about the complicated subak water system framework. Take in the stunning vistas of the rice fields and mountains that surround Tanah Lot Temple.
  • Tanah Lot Temple: One of Bali's most well-known temples, Tanah Lot, is perched on an ocean rock. For a magical experience, go at sunset—the temple against the crashing waves is unforgettable. Explore the temple grounds and enjoy the coastal scenery.

#10. Batur Sunrise Trekking

In Bali, travelling at the crack of dawn on Mount Batur sunrise trekking is an exceptional encounter. The gloom will gradually give way to breathtaking views as you ascend. You won't soon forget the mist, the silhouettes of nearby peaks, and the first light of the day. Mount Batur first light trekking is an uncommon involvement with Bali. Among the highlights are:

  • Views at sunrise: You can see stunning gold and orange hues as the sun rises from Mount Batur. It is a mesmerising sight to see how the vast vista consolidates the surrounding mountains, Lake Batur, and lush vegetation.
  • Climbing details: With a level of 1717 meters (5633 feet), Mount Batur is a functioning stratovolcano.

Consistently, many individuals securely climb to the culmination since conditions are firmly checked. Throughout the hike, experienced guides will assist you all.

  • Summit experience: Enjoy a flavourful breakfast while taking in the stunning views once you reach the top. You can get significantly additional shocking perspectives by strolling the path that goes around the caldera.
  • Hot springs: Relax in the Mount Batur underground aquifers, which are close by, after the dawn climb. This is a great way to relax and relieve sore muscles.
  • Comparison: Haleakala has the best hiking trails, but Mount Batur's sunrise views are better than Haleakala's. On Haleakala, the Sliding Sands Trail offers a more engaging experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best tours in Bali that are good for avoiding crowds?
A: The best tours in Bali that may have limited interaction with crowds are, according to Viator travellers:

  • visiting Nusa Penida by private boat - snorkelling 4 spots, swimming with mantas plus a land tour;
  • an all-inclusive Ubud private tour;
  • ATV quad bike tour in Bali with the waterfall gorilla cave and lunch;
  • a Bali ATV ride plus white water rafting;
  • ATV quad bike through tunnel and waterfall in Bali.

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