4 Most Convenient Transport Options to Travel in Kashmir

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When travelling to a place, one of the things that concerns us the most is the transportation available there to reach the famous attractions there. We want them easily accessible, affordable and comfortable. Well, here in India's Kashmir, the connectivity is excellent , whether it is external ones or internal roads. The options are various and you can choose them according to your preference, budget, destination etc. buses, taxis, rental bikes, rental cars, cabs are some of the transportation options to travel in Kashmir.

4 Most Convenient Transport Options to Travel in Kashmir

You can pick among them and have a safe journey full of comfort. The availability of these options depends on the roads. The modes of transportation available there take you through vast landscapes with blooming wildflowers, snow-laden mountains in the background and also the edges of bubbling streams. You get those unforgettable road experiences seen in the movies when travelling in the stunning Kashmir valley. There are a lot of tour operators in Kashmir that provide transportation services. In this article, we have provided 4 most transportation options that are convenient and will adhere to your itinerary.

#1. Taxi and cab services

One of the most preferred and great transport options are Kashmir taxi services. You get to choose different types of vehicles like SUVs, Sweden, Hatchback etc. They are feasible for off-roading and rugged terrains of the valley. The driver is skilled, experienced and someone who has lived in those valleys for their whole lives. This is the advantage of having a local person taking you to places.

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You get these vehicles in your budget although their prices differ. So, choose accordingly. They are an excellent option if you are with your family or friends as it has plenty of space, following your itinerary. As far as their booking is concerned, once you land at Srinagar Airport, taxi service in Srinagar can be booked through apps and websites. Travel companies in Kashmir can arrange them for you too if it is included in your Kashmir Tour Packages. To reach your hotel or visit historical places, gardens, they are completely reachable. You also have the opportunity to rate them on the basis of your experience.

#2. Bike rental services

The best option available for someone who wants to fly solo and wants to do things at their own pace is bike rental service of Kashmir. Some of the convenient choices are scooty, normal bikes, sports bikes etc. They are well-maintained and serviced. Exploring the valley on a bike is full of thrills. The great thing about them is that you can navigate through traffic and narrow lanes of Kashmir with your bikes. They are quite affordable and will not hamper your budget.

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There are many ways to rent bikes in Kashmir. Starting with local rental shops where you can do the deal for a day or longer. Online platforms are also there to do the same. Advance booking is suggested. Many guesthouses and hotels also provide the service of rental bikes so that could be your choice. Last but not the least, Kashmir tour organisers can provide you bikes along with a well-planned itinerary. Always check everything before renting a bike such as its price, insurance coverage, necessary documents and other conditions applied. Carry your ID proof along with your Driving licence. Make yourself familiar with traffic rules of Kashmir. Prior driving experience in mountains is appreciated.

#3. Public Transportation

Buses, taxis, rickshaws,tempos are some of the public transportation available in Kashmir. Your choice depends on the distance needed to be. If it is somewhere far, buses are the better option as their fare is not very much and you get comfortable seating. Jammu & Kashmir Road Transport Corporation (JKSRTC) is responsible for private and state-owned buses running there.

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Regular scheduled buses are available from one place to another like Sonmarg, Srinagar, Pahalgam, etc. You can choose them ranging from Luxury to D-grade according to your budget. Taxis, rickshaws, and tempos are some solid picks to travel to places that are not very distant. They are reasonably priced and some negotiation is possible too.

#4. Private vehicles

If you are someone who has driven all the way to Kashmir on a road trip then using your vehicle to travel to different attractions too is an excellent option. Cars and bikes are fully permitted to explore in and around the valley. You just need to know the vehicle inside and out. Your vehicle should be equipped according to the roads of the mountain. It must be well-maintained and serviced. Have a puncture repair kit with yourself and some spare fuel as Petrol pumps are sparse in high-altitude regions of Kashmir.

Wrap Up: 4 Most Convenient Transport Options to Travel in Kashmir

Your private vehicle must be licensed to be driven in other states too. Have good insurance coverage too. Keeping your driving license along with other documents of the vehicle is mandatory. Adhere to all the safety regulations and traffic rules of the state.  Drive with caution on the roads and you will have the time of your life.

Ultimately, these are some of the options that are convenient and accessible for travelling in Kashmir. Choose wisely and have a thrilling experience!

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