Where a Teenager Can Travel and Work This Summer in the UK

best summer jobs in the uk

This summer, you can find lots of activities and opportunities in the UK. If you are a teen and wondering how to spend your time, why not put yourself out there and gain some valuable skills. The summertime is the perfect chance to travel and get yourself a part-time job. You can find summer jobs for teens in London on Jooble and other job sites. There are also many opportunities in popular locations with accommodation included available on Jooble. Check out some great examples below and sign up now.

Where to Find Summer Jobs

If you are looking for a job, many online resources like Jooble can help you find new opportunities. Jooble is a good example as it can search with specifications typed in from your profile. Your CV can help fine-tune your search with specific keywords. If you have any locations in mind, you can search for jobs in that area. Find a good combination of a summer getaway combined with gaining valuable work experience. You may be able to find job offers as you travel, leading to more opportunities.

#1. Babysitting

While it may not be something you thought of, you will be surprised by how many babysitting openings there are. A lot of them will ask you to stay over at the house to do the job. This can include travelling to different locations and staying in high-class houses. While the parents go for a summer vacation, you can stay to take care of the kids. Expect a lot of responsibility though, as you may not only oversee the kids but the house as well. This job will be looking for those that have previous experience with children.

#2. Theme Park

This is where you can have some real fun this summer. Working at a theme park during the summer can become a truly exciting experience. Even when working, there are all kinds of amazing people to meet and incredible experiences to uncover. Host a roller-coaster and watch as people scream out loud. Give children a ride on the merry-go-round and watch as their smiles brighten your day. You can even learn how these rides work, gaining a few engineering skills in the process. Work your way around and you can become a full entertainer, bringing in the summer cheer for everyone.

#3. Summer Camp

A summer camp can be the perfect teen experience. Spend tons of days in the sun whilst working with a variety of professionals. The outdoors is fun for everyone of all ages. You can have fun playing various outdoor activities with the kids and learn new skills whilst you’re at it. Whether it is team building, survival, exploration, science, and so much more. This is a job where it isn't just the campers having fun. You too will be enjoying yourself as you take just as much part as they do.

#4. Seaside Shop

If you want something simple, then look no further than the simple corner shop. This is where you can gain basic retail skills whilst visiting a more scenic location. Working in a shop is what many teens end up doing as their first job. At the seaside, this can give you something more to do than just simply serving customers. You can be a friendly face for all kinds of tourists hitting the beach. You will even be in charge of serving specific summer merchandise. From surfboards to sunscreen, it’s up to you everyone is well prepared for the sunny seaside.

#5. Cleaning

While it may not be the most luxurious job, there are many great places it could take you. So many facilities out there are looking for available cleaners. This includes important spaces such as museums, festival stages, famous landmarks, and more. While most require basic cleaning experience, others can include more specialized qualifications. This is mainly for those like the music stages that may require you needing some electrical experience to manoeuvrer through tech.

#6. Tutoring

For those who wish to get into teaching, getting some tutoring experience as a teen can help in the long run. Even during the summer, there are those who may need some extra education to make up for bad grades. Offering to be a tutor can help these younger people strive further into education, even teaching something new for yourself. Similar to the babysitting job, you could be asked to stay over in summer houses or holiday homes. You can get to make contacts with a whole network of other tutors, providing you with more clients should you wish to continue further.

best summer jobs uk

#7. Designing

The summertime is always full of new creations to show off. It is during this time that you may notice lots of advertisements for fun new events. Why not show off your own creative skills by taking an internship or selling your own merchandise. There are lots of tourist spots where you can offer your skills to help new businesses flourish. Whether it's designing logos, websites, posters, or other marketing material.

#8. Travel Blog

If travelling during the summer is your true calling, this too can be turned into a real job. Blogging about your travels or writing up tourist information can help both the public and yourself. You can visit some fantastic UK destinations, write everything about them, and then sell your work online. People are always wanting to look up info on where they are visiting, and you can be that voice. You can offer a subscription for your travel blog where readers can access some exclusive content.

#9. Golf Caddy

Golfing is always a fun sport to do during the summer. There are many who take up the activity to pass the time. For teens, you can be one of the many service providers who ensure people can enjoy golfing to the fullest. You can be the personal cart driver, taking golfers to the next hole to put in. You can work in other areas such as the reception desk or even the food place. Many of these golf centres offer luxurious settings to get wrapped up in.

Can You Work Under 18?

Do not be discouraged if you are under the age of 18 and still looking for summer jobs. There are many places that hire when you are younger. The youngest age is no less than 14-15 years. Provided that you have a suitable supervisor and proper identification, it is perfectly legal to work in these areas. Other places may not allow teens this young without the proper authority to come into place. Examples include:

  • Receptionist
  • Bartender
  • Admin assistant
  • Waiter/waitress
  • Caterer
  • Delivery Driver

Many of these occupations require qualifications that you can only get if you are 18 or older. Having a driver’s license can only be attainable in your late teens, meaning only those close to 18 can take a job as a delivery driver.

Staying On After Summer

As a final point, make sure to keep an eye on the job you have done. More often than not, some of these occupations may ask you to carry on working even after the summer holidays. It is up to you to decide whether this is a valuable opportunity or not. It could lead to more successful jobs in the future. This could possibly be something full-time with a higher pay raise. It may be something that leads to other jobs down the line. Ones closer towards your dream career or something related to it. It is your decision to gain more experience in this field, but it may conflict with your studies or whatever else you are occupied with as a teen. Summer doesn't last forever, but a career can.

What about you, have you ever had a summer job? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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