Finding the Travel-Friendly Water Fountain for Your Cat

the best portable water fountain for cats

Making your cat consume enough water daily is crucial for their overall health and well-being. A water fountain does this job pretty well and this is what, we will be discussing in this article. You will also find some top recommendations for water fountains that are portable and you can easily travel with them.

Understanding Your Cat's Needs

Before diving into selecting a water fountain, it's essential to understand your cat's preferences and needs. Cats love the gentle flow of water, whereas, there are other cats who love the vigorous sound of the water. Make sure you are observing your cat’s behaviour around water even before purchasing any water fountain to know their preferences. However, you can always buy cat water fountain that has adjustable flow so that even after purchasing, you don't have to be worried about the intensity.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Portable Fountain


If you are someone who is travelling with only one cat then you do not need to purchase a large water fountain as it won't be easier for you to travel with. Most people travel with only one cat and you can go for the wireless and smallest size so that your furry baby can consume enough water on the go.


It is important to purchase only those water fountains that are designed for pets otherwise you might notice that your cat will vomit or choke after period of time. When a product is specially designed for pets, they keep the material in mind that won't impact in the long term. In fact, brands like UAHPet make fountains from BPA-free plastic, which is easier to carry around.

Filtration Method

Ensure that the fountain comes with a decent filtration method as it is vital for keeping the water clean and free from impurities. Choose a fountain with a multi-stage filtration feature that removes not only debris but also the fallen hair of the cats and all the bad odours.

Noise Level

Many cats are attracted to noises while some of them get afraid and run in the opposite direction. If you notice that you have a cat who doesn't like noise, then it is advisable to purchase those fountains that make very little noise. This will be great even during your travel as you don't want to disturb other people.


If you are someone who travels very often or who wants to move the fountain within the house frequently, then you should opt for a fountain with good portability. Also, check if the fountain can be dismantled in various pieces so that you can pack it with your luggage during your travel adventures. Always choose a fountain that is not very bulky so that you can move it easily.

best portable water fountain for cats

Water Fountains And Their Types

Gravity-Based Fountains

During your trial, you can easily make your cat consume water with the help of this natural gravity-based fountain. This is kind of a traditional one that doesn't require any electricity and it flows the water based on gravity. This type of Fountain is perfect for those people who love adventure and plan to go on a hike.

Electric Fountains

This type of fountain uses a pump to rotate the water, which helps to create a continuous flow, attracting cats. This fountain can be used to adjust the flow of water to your cat's liking, making it truly pet-friendly.

Battery-Powered Fountains

This type of fountain offers convenience to pet owners as it doesn’t require an electric supply. Just like we use remote control by adding a battery you can simply add a battery to the fountains and it will start flowing the water automatically. These are fun fountains if you want to go for a park picnic with your cat.

Our Recommendation Is the UahPet Stainless Steel Wireless Pet Water Fountain

This one is a wireless and noiseless water fountain that can be watched even in a dishwasher, and comes with 6 layers of filtration. The battery life of this water fountain is more than four months. After four months you can simply charge again with a type-c cable and you are good to go for another four months. Place it, let them drink from it, and love it! No detached base, truly wireless. So whenever your pets need a sip, this ZERO stainless steel wireless water fountain offers them fresh, pure hydration.


In conclusion, it is a great idea to travel with your cat as they love to explore. They are often curious about the little things around them. However, it is also important to do proper preparation before taking them away from the house as you want to keep them hydrated all the time. Make sure you make your cat happy with the help of a water fountain whenever you travel so that they feel at home as you can use the same device at home too.

What about you, do you take a water fountain for your cat when you're on the road? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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