Weekend in Brooklyn with Kids: the Perfect Itinerary

things to do with kids in brooklyn

Travelling with kids, without planning, can be really difficult. If you want to create ever-lasting memories for your loved ones, you need to do some homework. Brooklyn, while known for its nightlife, art scene, and history, is actually a great place to visit with kids. You just need to do some planning. To help you pick the spots to visit, we’ve created a list of fun things to do with the kids in Brooklyn, this, next, and any other year.

Visit Brooklyn Children's Museum

Let’s start our list of kid-friendly things to do in Brooklyn this weekend by looking at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. The name says it all - it’s a space in Crown Heights dedicated to creating educational and engaging experiences for kids of all ages. It’s actually the first museum of tis kind in the United States, so you’ll be witnessing a piece of history there, as well. What exhibitions can you see here? You have the sensory room for toddlers and the world cultures section where your kid can learn what their peers from different countries do in their spare time. Your child will get an opportunity to explore the world around them, learn about different places, and even play on the premises. Oh, and you mustn't miss the wonderful garden on the rooftop where your child will be able to learn about the environment and sustainability.

Go to Prospect Park

The great Prospect Park. It’s like a small breath of fresh air directly in the centre of Brooklyn. You can find families from all walks of life and backgrounds there. It’s a nice spot for a picnic so you can find hundreds and hundreds of blankets on the grass there, each spring. Then there's the Prospect Park Zoo, a real treat for anyone who's into animals, with its wide variety of species. If you're up for a little adventure, check out the LeFrak Center at Lakeside. In the summer, you can enjoy pedal boating and splash around. On the other hand, the winter transforms the place into a wonderland for ice skating and sledding. And for the children? Prospect Park itself is full of playgrounds, each with its own theme. If you want your child to develop properly they need to run, swing, and climb. Prospect park is just perfect for those types of activities.

Virtual Drive at the New York Transit Museum

If you go to Downtown Brooklyn, you’ll find one of the most-visited museums in the entire NYC area. We’re, of course, talking about the New York Transit Museum that gives its visitors a look into the history of the city’s transportation system. Out of all things to do in Brooklyn with kids, this is probably the most fun one. Your children can see vintage subway cars, old cars, and learn about the engineering of the famous NYC subway system.

brooklyn things to do with kids

There’s even a chance they can take their first driving lesson there. OK, not really, but they can still try their hand at driving a New York City bus in the simulator. The museum's interactive exhibits make learning about transit fun and engaging for all ages. You can even try driving the city bus too. Speaking of transit, when you’re visiting a new place with children, you need to have a set of good wheels. Why not enjoy some luxury on vacation? Go to realcar.nyc/locations/Brooklyn and check out the selection of rental vehicles for your family.

Go to Coney Island

Never been to Coney Island? You just know the name? You’re surely missing out. Now, picture this: Luna Park's heart-racing rides, the historic Wonder Wheel spinning in the skyline… and our friend, that’s just the start. There’s plenty more to see and do in Coney Island. Right on the boardwalk, the New York Aquarium invites you to dive into the underwater world, showcasing marine life from all corners of the globe. What can you see there? Basically, whatever your heart desires. Sea otters? Check. Octopus? Check. Sharks? Double check. There are indoor and outdoor exhibits as well as animal feedings and rides. And after all the excitement, why not wind down with a leisurely walk on the boardwalk or just chill on the beach? It's the ideal way to wrap up a day packed with adventure and smiles. Just be prepared to keep a lot of energy the day before visiting Coney Island. Trust us, you’ll need it.

Visit Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park, especially around Pier 6, is a dream come true for any kid  And in all honesty, adults kinda love it too. It's jam-packed with some of the coolest playgrounds you'll find anywhere. Take the Water Lab – it's like a mini water park, perfect for cooling off when the heat cranks up, with water jets and little streams that kids just love splashing around in. Then there's the Sandbox Village, where the little ones can get down and dirty in the best way, and Slide Mountain, which is exactly as fun as it sounds. But it's not just about playtime. The views here are something else. Picture this: you're chilling on a bench, and right there in front of you is the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. It's like a postcard, but you're actually in it. RealCar offers car rental premium class vehicles that will transport you around while keeping your family members entertained. You can choose from performance SUVs, top-class sedans, sporty convertibles, or next-gen electric vehicles. Select a car today, and start your Brooklyn journey in class.

Wrap Up: How to Have a Perfect Weekend in Brooklyn with Kids

Visiting Brooklyn with your kids can be a fairytale. You just need to know what places to visit and what to skip. These fun things to do with kids in Brooklyn are meant for all ages, so no matter how many family members are going on vacation, you will have more than a good time together.

What about you, have you ever been to Brooklyn? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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