Discover the Attractions of Emerging Saudi Arabia

things to do in saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia is emerging as the finest tourist destination in the Middle East. The KSA government plans to attract tourists from all around the world. Its $800 billion tourism plan has already started taking shape with many mega projects involved. The government has set a target to attract around 70 million tourists per year. The main projects of Vision 2030 involve several mega projects including a new hospitality school and 200 hotels at Neom. The government is investing heavily in the IT sector to create first-rate tourism services.

What’s New to Discover in KSA?

Foreign tourists who haven’t visited KSA much, are interested in discovering this top tourism spot of the future. This article will help several travel lovers know about Saudi Arabia as a thriving tourist spot. Let’s discuss the unique and mesmerizing places to explore in KSA:

1. Al-Ula

Lodging the UNESCO World Heritage Site named Al-Hijr or Madain Saleh, this city holds historic importance. Situated on the Northwestern side of the KSA, the city features several tombs and facades, dating back to the Naba’tean civilization.

things to see in saudi arabia

The city houses many different places for explorers and archaeology lovers to uncover. These include the Al Ula Heritage Village, Hegra Heritage Site, Khuraibah, Al-FilJabal, DadanJabal, etc. The city also offers the most fun activities for tourists to enjoy. These include mountain biking, hot air balloon rides, hiking, rock climbing, and exploring the wrecks and shrines. October to April is considered the best time to visit Al-Ula. Tourists visiting Al-Ula in these months can also attend the annual winter festival named Tantora.

2. Red Sea

This place is another epic tourist spot for visitors to bask in the holiday trip experience of KSA.  Tourists can visit the seaside area around the Red Sea and explore many different attractions there. These places include Al Wajh Beach, Obhur Beach, Farasan Island, Half Moon Bay, and Yanbu Corniche. This place also offers tons of fun activities to make the trip thrilling and memorable. Visitors can enjoy diving, snorkelling, and swimming. They can unwind at the beach and explore the beautiful marine life. Blooming with coral reefs, the marine life stuns the explorers with its uniqueness and beauty.

3. Water Village in Taif

Attracting a large number of tourists per annum, the water village in Taif offers various fun things to do. Situated in the Al-Hada town, the village is a park in reality where both children and adults can engage in water sports and rides. The tourism rate in this place increases in summer as tourists wish to rejuvenate in the hot weather.

what to see in saudi arabia

Visitors can enjoy swimming in different swimming pools present in different sections of the park. They can also enjoy water slides, cable car rides, bumper boats, karting car rides, and a fun ride called Aqua Loop. This place is best for a family vacation due to the all-round fun activities it offers for both kids and adults alike.

A List of Fun Things to Do in Saudi Arabia

Tourists can relish the best time of their lives while visiting different places in KSA as they have so much to offer. Let’s discuss various fun activities to enjoy in Saudi Arabia:

1. Enjoy Desert Safari

One of the top fun activities to relish the KSA vacation is to enjoy a desert safari. Saudi Arabia has the best places for visitors to undertake safari trips at different times. Tourists can visit different places to undertake the safari tour in the morning, evening, or overnight. The top places that tourists can visit to relish the safari trips include Jeddah, Abha, and Riyadh. Tourists can take several beautiful pictures during the tour. They can also indulge in dune bashing, sand-skiing, and camel riding. On overnight safari trips, tourists can also savour the traditional Arabic food. They can enjoy BBQ dinner along with Arabic coffee, dates, and tea.

2. Visit Museums

Saudi Arabia has a rich culture and a historic past that tourists find worthy enough to explore and know about. Several big museums are housing the epic history of the country and its cultural past. These museums contain numerous artifacts and interactive exhibits.

places to visit in saudi arabia

For Muslims, these museums also hold vitality as they lodge a large number of items concerning the history of Islam. Some of the top museums include the Taif Regional Museum, Tabuk Castle Museum, Abha Palace Museum, Al Diriyah Museum, etc. Muslims can visit the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, King Fahd Cultural Centre, and King Abdulaziz Historical Centre in Riyadh.

What’s More to Do in Saudi Arabia?

The list of fun things to enjoy in Saudi Arabia doesn’t just end here. The country offers a lot more than tourists can only imagine. They can explore the beautiful marine life in stunning aquariums. These beautiful aquariums are located in different parts of the country. Other than that, visitors can head to the “Edge of the World” in Riyadh and trek the cliff which is around 1.131 m high. Observing the Beautiful King Fahad’s Fountain is another top thing to do in Saudi Arabia.

Cuisines to Try While Visiting Saudi Arabia

KSA offers a rich food tradition that showcases the nomadic past of its people and the food scene unique just to this country. Visitors can expect wonderfully flavoured rice, spices, fruits and dates in almost every region of Saudi Arabia - so many vegan options! The locals use these different foods as ingredients to make multiple healthy and energetic cuisines. Some of the restaurants also offer traditional foods with a blend of novel ingredients. The top traditional cuisines of KSA include Tharid, Harees, Kozi Samak, Shawarma, Kabsa, Hanith, Harees, Ma’amoul, Gursan, and Mashwi, among many others. Tourists can savour the delicious local cuisines and enjoy the KSA travel vacation to its fullest.

Wrapping Up: Discover the Attractions of Emerging Saudi Arabia

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