Unmissable Remote Destinations to Visit This Year

places to visit this year

If you want to have a unique travel experience and see the great beauty of the world, you will want to head off the beaten path. People often flock to the same destinations around the world, but these places can become crowded. Instead, you should consider remote destinations that will help you uncover the world’s hidden gems. Here are a few of the best places to explore.

#1. Svalbard, Norway

Norway is a stunning travel destination that will show you the wild, dramatic natural beauty of Scandinavia. In particular, Svalbard is a great choice as one of the best places to see polar bears in the wild. The archipelago is around 930 km north of Tromsø in the Arctic Circle, so it is certainly off the beaten path! You can enjoy your time here exploring glacial caves, wild camping, going on a snowmobile expedition, and hiking up Sarkofagen mountain, just as a few examples. Access the region’s hidden gems by hiring a private jet for ease and flexibility, ensuring that you pack multiple layers, sunscreen and waterproof outerwear.

#2. Madagascar

Animal lovers will adore the beautiful African island of Madagascar, which is the fourth largest island in the world. Although it has become more popular since the lovable DreamWorks movie franchise, it remains a remote and generally quiet travel destination.

best places to visit this year

It is home to the native lemur along with 300 species of bird, 260 species of reptiles, and all kinds of other incredible creatures, including humpback whales. In addition to the wildlife, this is an excellent destination for its beaches and interesting culture and history as a former French colony.

#3. Patagonia, Argentina & Chile

South America has many incredible places to visit that are off the beaten path, but it is hard to beat Patagonia, Argentina, and Chile. In particular, Patagonia is a unique travel destination due to its geographical location, which means it has mesmerizing and diverse landscapes ranging from roaming hills of green pastures to snow-capped mountains.

#4. The Azores, Portugal

Portugal can be a popular holiday spot for those seeking sun, sea, and sand, but you can go off the beaten path and miss the tourists with a trip to the Azores - an archipelago around 870 miles west of Lisbon. The Azores is an idyllic escape with stunning hiking trails, terrific sailing opportunities, and incredible marine life to discover while scuba diving.

#5. Bhutan

Nestled on the edge of the Himalayas lies Bhutan - a mystical place off the beaten path with breathtaking monasteries, incredible hiking trails, and vibrant culture with many fun festivals throughout the year.

Wrap Up: Unmissable Remote Destinations to Visit This Year

If you are seeking a unique travel destination that will help you escape the crowds and see the great beauty of the world, you cannot go wrong with any of the above destinations. These are the kind of trips that will stay with you for life and help you see the world in a different light.

What about you, have you ever been to any of these places? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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