Love Without Borders: How To Plan a Wedding That’s Also The Trip of a Lifetime

planning a wedding abroad

Imagine your dream wedding on the beaches of a tropical island or in the city where you two met. A destination wedding is an exciting way to make your day special while enjoying the trip you have always wanted. Planning a destination wedding is not as complex as you may think. With the right tips, you will be well on your way to living out a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Take a look at why and how couples are opting for vacation weddings.

What Is a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and it is easy to tell why. These ceremonies take place in a couple’s dream vacation spot, somewhere breathtaking of their choosing, far from their hometown. Everyone has to make travel and accommodation arrangements for the big day. It could take place in the state where most guests live or even in a different country or continent.

how to plan a wedding abroad

Many couples opt for international destinations, especially if they have a dream vacation location. As you can tell, these are unlike the normal weddings where everyone shows up. Considering the nature of the setting and the expenses involved, most destination weddings are intimate, with only a few guests invited.

The Reasons To Choose a Vacation Wedding Experience

Here are the exciting reasons why many couples are settling for destination weddings.

  • Wedding plus vacation: the wedding becomes a vacation for you and the people you love. This is the main benefit of choosing a stunning location: you get to make memories not just for yourself but also for your guests.
  • Intimacy: if you are about making the experience personal, with a small guest list of friends and family, consider destination weddings. You can narrow it down to a few special guests while slashing costs.
  • Flexibility: what if you have your heart set on a wedding in a month, but the weather in the state is unfavourable? You can have it in a different location, where it is warm and sunny all year round. There is freedom to choose the date and location in matters of vacation weddings.
  • Less cost: did you know that some resorts offer a ‘free wedding’ as a package if you meet booking requirements with your guests? Therefore, you can plan a beautiful wedding that is affordable but still special.
  • Wedding in paradise: memories from your wedding will last a lifetime, and the best part is that you can set it in the same place as your honeymoon destination.

Planning Your Travel-Infused Destination Wedding

The more popular destination weddings get, the simpler and more accessible they are. You can effortlessly pull one off with the right tips and bring all your dreams to life.

Selecting a Travel-Friendly Destination

The most important decision is where to have the wedding. Here is where you choose the perfect destination; it could be where you first met, your dream vacation spot, your birth country, or anywhere that holds sentimental value. While choosing the location, also consider how accessible it will be for your guests; they should be comfortable to take the trip.

Navigating Legal Requirements

Don’t forget that for a wedding in a different country, there are laws to follow. You may also need documents before making the trip, like your passport, authorization for guests under 18 years old, and other certificates. You must ensure you meet all requirements so nothing will get in the way of your travel or illegalize the marriage.

Deciding the Budget

Interestingly, vacation weddings can be cheaper if done correctly. This is why you should have a budget ready, prioritizing the most important aspects. This way, you can still have your dream wedding without breaking the bank.

Choosing Your Wedding Style and Theme

If you are artistic and have a theme, you can easily pick a style that blends well with the destination and event. Pay attention to the cards, welcome sign, colours, seating arrangements, place settings, decor, cake, and other aspects, checking they all come together in line with your wedding theme. Alternatively, you can entrust the process to your event planner to bring all your ideas to life.

Selecting the Perfect Wedding Rings

The choice of wedding rings matters when planning your wedding, so you want it to be special. You can choose bands that match or complement each other based on your budget. Some also factor in their wedding destination when picking the materials and the colours of their rings. It's also important to consider how these rings will coordinate with your engagement ring to create a seamless ensemble. Your wedding theme may also influence the choice, but all in all, make sure that you go for special bands that are durable and match your style.

5 Best Places For a Perfect Destination Wedding

Are you looking for the perfect spot for your vacation wedding? Here are a couple of options to choose from.

  1. Beach wedding: imagine a wedding in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Thailand, or Mexico. The stunning sandy shores, clear waters, beautiful islands, and perfect weather of your dream holiday destination make the ideal wedding location.
  2. Vineyard wedding: have you always wanted to travel to France, Italy or other wine countries? If so, why not have your wedding there instead? Vineyards have some of the most breathtaking views and make incredible tour spots.
  3. Mountain wedding: consider picturesque mountaintops if you want splendid views and gorgeous wedding photos. You can have your ceremony in a national park or high in a villa on a mountainside.
  4. Historic property wedding: are you a couple that loves art and history? You can travel to an architectural marvel in Europe and make lifetime memories. It could be in an old medieval castle or the ruins of a historical site with amazing views.
  5. City weddings: people also have weddings in huge cities around the world like Paris, Rome, Las Vegas, Miami, or any other city of sentimental value. You will never go wrong with city weddings, and the best part is that there are so many vendors where you can get all your wedding supplies.


Your wedding day is one of the most memorable in your life. It must be special for you, your soon-to-be spouse, friends, and family. You want to ensure everything is perfect, starting with choosing the location and venue. What about a destination wedding where you can enjoy a fun vacation with the people you love? This sounds like a good idea to adopt, and you can also have your honeymoon in the same place and save a lot in the process.

There are hundreds of destinations worldwide to choose from: pick your dream spot for the event of a lifetime.

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