Top Reasons for Travelling to Tunisia

top reasons to travel to tunisia

Tunisia is an often under-looked tourist destination that deserves a lot more love than it gets. The country is positively packed with jaw-dropping sights and enlightening cultural experiences, so a trip to Tunisia really needs to go on your bucket list if it isn’t already. One thing that previously put some people off travelling to Tunisia was the complicated procedure to apply for a tourist visa, involving having to go to a Tunisian embassy in person and submit a substantial amount of paper documentation, before waiting weeks for visa approval.

Top Reasons for Travelling to Tunisia

However, the Tunisian government has announced that it is introducing a Tunisia online visa application later this year, which will allow eligible travellers to get a tourist visa sent to them by email, without even having to leave their sofa. You can check it out here more information. So, stock up on Tunisian dinar (the local currency), pack your sun-cream, and prepare to discover the reasons why you can’t turn down a trip to Tunisia, especially now it’s easier than ever to get there!

#1. The Breathtaking Architecture and Archaeological Sites

With a rich history that has seen many great empires such as the Phoenicians and the Romans pass through its territory, Tunisia boasts a large collection of jaw-dropping historical sites. Perhaps the best known of these is the Archaeological site of Carthage, located within the city limits of Tunisia’s capital, Tunis. The vast ruins of this formerly great city now offer visitors an open-air archaeological museum to explore. If you venture outside of the capital during your stay, don’t miss out on a visit to El Jem, the ruins of a huge Roman amphitheatre. Said to be the largest standing colosseum outside of Italy, El Jem is also considered to be among some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in the world.

#2. Discover Metropolitan Tunis

Travelling to Tunis, the Tunisian capital, is a must during your stay in the country. Although the city boasts a rapidly developing new town, the real gems are the historical attractions such as Carthage and the Bardo National Museum, a 15th-century palace complex that houses a large collection of Roman mosaics. Don’t leave the city without visiting the Medina of Tunis, the sprawling, maze-like old quarter whose winding market streets and bazaars offer an authentic Tunisian shopping experience.

#3. Try the Delicious Traditional Food in Tunisia

Two of the staples most commonly found in Tunisian cuisine, bread, and couscous, may not excite you too much, but they are just the tip of the Tunisian gastronomic iceberg. Tunisians often dine on thick stews with varied main ingredients such as chicken, lamb, or local fish such as red snapper or swordfish. Other Tunisian specialities you shouldn’t miss while in the country include Tajine (Tunisian omelet), Brik (a savoury pastry), Fricass√© (a savoury Tunisian doughnut), or Mechouia, a colourful salad that can be served with varying degrees of spice. You also shouldn’t leave the country without sampling one of the increasingly popular gastronomic tourism experiences in Tunisia. Take a tour of the gorgeous vineyards in the top wine-growing regions, or sign up for a workshop on how to make one of Tunisia’s most popular exports, olive oil.

#4. Explore the Sahara Desert and Star Wars Sets

Fans of exploring the wilderness and film geeks will both be in heaven in Tunisia: the country is partly covered by a large stretch of the Sahara desert, containing many locations that were used to shoot the wildly popular Star Wars movies. The Tunisia desert filming locations for the Star Wars films include the striking Berber architecture of towns such as Tataouine and Matamata, as well as several extensive sets built to simulate an alien town on Luke Skywalker’s home planet. While it’s possible to rent quad bikes or a 4-wheel guide to get around the desert environs, visiting the Sahara in Tunisia is an excellent opportunity to take a camel tour across the sandy dunes.

#5. Sunbathe at the Fabulous Tunisian Beach Resorts

After braving the blistering heat and the endless sands of the Sahara, it’s pretty likely all you will want to do is lie down on a beach somewhere and take a refreshing dip. Luckily, Tunisia is home to a number of fantastic beach resorts along its Mediterranean coast. One of the closest to the capital is Hammamet, around an hour’s drive from Tunis on the Cap Bon peninsula. Another popular resort destination is Djerba island, located close to Tunisia’s southeastern border with Libya. The island also boasts many remnants of historical Jewish culture in addition to extensive coastlines of golden sands and sparkling blue waters.

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