Why Should You Visit Stockholm This Year

why shoul I visit stockholm

Got your eyes on the Swedish capital for your next European city break? Stockholm is an archipelago on the Swedish coast, set on the shimmering Baltic Sea. This remarkable city combines contemporary sophistication with ancient charm. In winter, low temperatures frequently see the picturesque city streets covered in snow, which paints a near-perfect picture on the cobbled lanes and city squares.

Four Reasons Why Stockholm Is Worth Visiting Next

If you’re ready for an idyllic weekend getaway, it’s worth knowing just why Stockholm fits the bill.

#1. Historical wonders

Stockholm might well be a lively capital, but its historical roots are clear to see. Local architecture is uniquely defined by an eclectic blend of modern and older styles, characterised by standout buildings like the Royal Palace. Gamla Stan, the original centre known as the Old Town, calls back to past eras of prosperity. Tourists can explore opulent halls and feel the local atmosphere at the quaint caf├ęs and bars that line squares like Stortorget, the oldest in the city. Make sure you sip a freshly brewed coffee while you’re there, as the Swedes take immense pride in their roasteries and coffee-houses.

#2. Straightforward journey

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway with shorter travel times, Stockholm makes an excellent choice. Railway fans might choose to start their journey with the Eurostar, but for those living in northern parts of the UK, it’s much easier to travel by air. You can fly direct to either Stockholm Arlanda or Stockholm Vasteras Airport from several airports across the UK. To make your travel day even easier, start your journey by car and utilise cheap parking at Manchester Airport, London, Birmingham or Edinburgh before your smooth, non-stop flight.

#3. Cultural riches

From museums to galleries, Stockholm is teeming with cultural delights - including the local cuisine, which reflects diverse influences across the city. With ample museums and art galleries to explore, many of which are free to enter, it’s easy to get lost in local stories. Contemporary art enthusiasts will appreciate the Moderna Museet, while lovers of pop should head straight to the ABBA Museum.

top reasons to visit stockholm

The Vasa warship, which sank in 1628, is showcased and impressively well-preserved at the Vasa Museum. If you’re a serious culture vulture, it could be worth buying a Stockholm Pass for the duration of your visit. This gives you access to more than 50 attractions across the city, including several boat trips too. You’ll also get a digital travel guide, which could save you asking for directions!

#4. Breathtaking scenery

Exploring Stockholm by foot, you’ll never be far from luscious parklands or gardens. From outdoor gyms to the carefully woven networks of bike paths that connect the city, you won’t be short of reasons to get outdoors. Green spaces make up a third of the city’s geographical area, and you’ll still find trees on the cobbled pedestrianised streets too. Additionally, Stockholm’s striking cityscape paints an incredible picture. The best vistas can perhaps be found on the harbour from Gamla Stan, famed for its colourful paintwork on quaint 18th-century buildings.


From coffee-houses to cultural centres, Stockholm promises an array of exceptional opportunities. The city can be easily explored on foot and it’s just a two-hour flight away from the UK too, making it a brilliant option for weekend breaks.

What about you, have you ever been to Stockholm? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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