Three Incredible Outdoor Sports to Enjoy in Norway

best outdoor sports in norway

There are an endless number of ways to enjoy the great outdoors in Norway thanks to the amazing natural scenery. Hiking in particular is a favourite amongst locals, but if walking isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll find plenty of alternatives on offer up and down the country. From the deep waters of the fjords to the highest snowy peaks, here are three sporting experiences to add to your Norway itinerary.

#1. Golf

Granted, Norway may not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking about Europe’s world-class golfing destinations. But this Scandinavian jewel has a catalogue of courses that can rival some of the finest on the continent. There are some truly spectacular golf clubs here set in even more breathtaking surroundings, so next time you’re looking to tee it up on foreign shores, keep Norway in mind.

top outdoor sports in norway

And, for a truly unique experience, why not play 18 holes at night, with the fairways and greens illuminated by the midnight sun? There are plenty of stunning tracks in the country’s Arctic north where you can enjoy this enchanting experience, including Lofoten Links and Bodø Golf Park.

#2. Kayaking

If something water-based is more your speed, kayaking is a must-try activity during your stay. Whether it’ll be your first time in the cockpit or you’re already an avid paddler, there’s no doubt that very few kayaking experiences anywhere in the world can compare with those on offer in Norway.

norway best outdoor sports

There are an endless list of suitable paddling points right across the country, each offering something different. From gentle canals and lakes, to white-water kayaking in the canyons, to multi-day adventures through the fjords – there really is something for every type of kayaker here.

#3. Skiing

Widely considered to be the national sport of Norway, any trip to this part of the world wouldn’t be complete without taking to the slopes. Cross-country skiing is a particular favourite winter pastime for Norwegian nationals, and they’re spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding where to go.

top norwegian outdoor sports

The biggest, and one of the most popular resorts can be found close to the Swedish border at Trysil. This family-friendly spot has over 100 km of cross-country trails, as well as 69 manicured slopes for those who prefer something a little faster paced. The ski season peaks in the winter months through to March or April; during this period, you’re most likely to be treated to perfect snow conditions and gorgeous weather.

Enjoy Unique Sporting Experiences in Scandinavia

In this post, we’ve explored just a handful of the many sports available for you to try no matter which part of the country you’re visiting. If you are looking to add some sporting activities to your itinerary, make sure you plan ahead so you can time your visit and take advantage of the best conditions. Whether you choose one of the sports listed here, or you go a little off-piste with something different, we’re sure that any experience you enjoy in Norway will be truly unforgettable.

What about you, have you ever been ton Norway? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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