3 European Destinations for an Adventure Holiday

top european adventure holidays

While a relaxing holiday is enough for some, others can only resolve their itchy feet through a more adrenaline-inducing type of break. If you’re one of these people, you’ll already know how satisfying adventure travel is. The rush you get from these experiences is something you’ll never forget and will long for until you get your next fix. From skiing down some of the highest peaks in Austria to hiking past waterfalls in Croatia, we take a look at some of the best locations in Europe for an adventure holiday.

#1. Skiing in Austria

With towering peaks and expert pistes, Austria has its fair share of locations for a skiing holiday. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time on the slopes as you’ll find there are plenty of resorts with blue runs. In addition, there are numerous apr├Ęs-ski bars and restaurants at each resort.

best european adventure holidays

Those looking to sharpen their skills should look to Zell am See. The lakeside ski resort has relaxed runs for beginner- and intermediate-level skiers and provides opportunities for off-piste skiing too. Alternatively, if you’re seeking a challenge for your ski holiday in Austria, you must visit St Anton. The near-vertical faces mean that runs are reserved solely for the bold and the brave, including the 85km Run of Fame. For a quintessentially Austrian experience, this is the place to be. With cosy chalets, fresco-painted buildings, and slope-side bars, it’s the perfect atmosphere after a long day of skiing.

#2. Rock Climbing in Italy

From venturing down slopes to vertical journeys up the face of a mountain, climbing is something  that has always appealed to adventure lovers. In terms of scenery and variety, Italy is unbeatable for its rock climbing locations. One of the most popular places, located in the province of Sondrio, Val di Mello features granite walls that tower over the valley from both sides. This makes the Alpine region the perfect location for budding climbers. It is also widely known among the bouldering community, hosting the Melloblocco bouldering festival each year.

best adventure holidays in europe

Another great location is the Sarca Valley,  found nestled between the towns of Sarche and Arco in the Trento province. There are more than 500 trad and multi-pitch routes in the Sarca Valley, with the number increasing each year. It’s also possible to rock climb here almost every month due to the region’s gentle climate.

#3. Hiking in Croatia

Croatia is the holiday destination that keeps on giving. Yes, it is home to the beautiful city of Dubrovnik and has a shoreline stretching thousands of miles, but it also offers plenty in terms of adventure. The country’s single most popular attraction, arguably, is the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The natural wonder dons densely forested hills, sixteen lakes, and numerous waterfalls. If you prefer something slightly off-the-beaten-track, you can explore some of the lesser-trodden trails on the park’s fringes.

top adventure holidays in europe

Another great hiking destination in Croatia, and the largest protected reach of land in the country, the Velebit Nature Park is home to two national parks. The craggy wilderness of Northern Velebit National Park is what makes it the superior location for hiking. The eclectic mix of rugged cliffs, wildflower fields, pine forests, and limestone peaks is unbeatable.

What about you, what are your favourite European destinations for adventure holidays? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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