Christmas Gift Ideas for Travelling Couples

Christmas Gift Ideas for Travelling Couples

Now that Halloween is over, we can turn our attention to the once pagan turned Christian holiday - Christmas! This blog post is dedicated to the travelling couples in the world because, frankly, as a travelling couple, I feel like we have a few good ideas for you! No matter whether you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift idea for the travel-addicted couple in your life or if you're just one half of a travelling couple looking to gift the over half, don't worry, this list will hopefully cover all the bases and get the perfect present for you and yours - so let's get cracking! Starting with the first one, perhaps the most memorable and thus thoughtful Xmas presents: Christmas gift experiences for couples.

#1. Christmas Travel Experience Gifts For Couples

These experiences can be anything from bungee jumping to spa days and everything in between, so no matter if the couple you're looking to gift are adrenaline junkies or luxurious relax experts, there's something for everyone. Whilst accommodation and transport (see below) are kind and useful gifts, gift experiences go that extra special step further - because let's face it, we come home from our travels with the most meaningful moments being our experiences and things we did and I know that they will appreciate that you had a big part in making that happen.

#2. Travel Accommodation Gifts For Christmas

Whilst accommodation is something that your travelling couple friends will probably have had to budget for already - you can take it that extra step forward and upgrade them or, if they've already happy with their hotel or hostel, you can even extend their accommodation and thus their trip. Another idea for a Christmas gift for a travelling couple is a subscription to a house sitting website - house sitting is how I was able to travel, without paying for accommodation, for five years, the only cost is the membership fee - and I would have personally loved it if someone had gifted that to me! If you're curious, you can find out more here in our house sitting blog post.

#3. Travel Transport Gifts

Although many airlines do offer the option of you buying or contributing towards your travelling couple's flights, I think it's nicer to gift the earth something too and steer away from flying as much as humanly possible. This world is so wide and wild, why not explore something closer by bike, bus or train? For example, for those in Europe there is an Interrail Pass which, you guessed it, would make an amazing Christmas gift for a travelling couple! Interrail allows you to travel through thirty-three countries through Europe and pretty much counts as not just a travel gift but an experience gift too.

#4. Travel Charity Gifts

One of the best, if not the best gift that travel can give you is an open mind and an open heart. By this I mean the longer your travelling couple friends travel for, the more likely they are to care about the diversity of the world around them and the people and animals that live in it. Hence, it might well be that the best Christmas gift idea for your travelling couple is to donate to one of the NGOs around the world that are fighting injustice, discrimination, poverty and more in their name. At the end of the day, travel is a privilege and we should do our best to redistribute our privilege. In fact, last year my Godmother gifted a donation in my name to a vegan charity that's very close to my heart, and I was so touched by that! I know I will remember this for decades to come.

Wrap Up: Christmas Gift Ideas for Travelling Couples

A thirst for travel is the best gift my mum ever gave me, and over the years the friends and family who have gifted me experiences and train tickets abroad have been some of the most thoughtful and kind gifts I've ever received. No matter what you gift your travelling couple this Christmas, the fact that you are attuned to the fact that they love travel and want to contribute to that in some way is in itself very thoughtful and I know they will appreciate it. So Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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