The Traveller's Guide to Staying Fit: Crucial Insights on Exercising

how to stay fit while traveling

Going on vacation is simultaneous with relaxing, having a good time, and engaging in indulgent behaviour. As exciting as this sounds, it can have a negative impact on the fitness progress that you have made thus far.

Keeping Fit While Travelling

Considering that you have already reached a certain fitness goal takes a lot of work and dedication, and a few weeks of falling off the wagon can start to reverse your results - not drastically, but it’ll be an amount that you’ll be able to notice. That’s why if you like to go on vacation a lot, it’s important to keep up with your fitness on the ball because it’s very easy to lose focus while travelling, especially if you don’t have access to gyms or similar facilities.

how to stay fit whilst traveling

There are ways to work around this, you can do so by realizing the benefits that exercise will have on your vacation activities and how to include fitness in your vacation itinerary when you’re away from home.

Importance of Keeping Up with Exercise on Vacation

Sometimes it is not worth signing up for a gym membership or exercise classes on a subscription if you travel a lot and are not planning on staying in a location for too long. Without access to these facilities, your fitness goals can end up at the back of your mind and eventually forgotten. But you can make a change by making sure that you exercise regularly, and include new routines to adapt to your surroundings.

how to stay fit when traveling

By keeping up with an exercise routine you’ll be able to engage in activities that require physical strength and stamina like swimming, and hiking. You’ll also be able to burn calories and not lose any muscle mass in the process. Keeping up with physical activities will also ensure that you don’t feel lethargic and have more energy during your trip. Engaging in exercise and practising healthy habits while on vacation will allow you to feel less guilty if you do end up indulging a bit during your vacation.

How to Exercise During a Vacation

Not having access to exercise facilities does not mean that all your fitness plans will go right out the window. If you have a reasonable amount of space where you are staying, then you’ll be able to practice yoga or an easy-to-follow aerobic routine where you are staying. Additionally, you can invest in a resistance band or low-weight dumbbells to carry along with you when you go on vacation.

how to stay fit during a trip

Another option would be to check if the place you are staying has a gym or exercise facilities to use or see if there are options in nearby facilities that have short-term or day-to-day options instead of memberships. Following this step, it would be best to highlight time out of your days to focus on working out and getting your exercise in, remember to schedule regular breaks too, as you don’t want to be sore while on vacation. Once you get your routine in order and work out on a regular basis, be sure to use a healthy pre-workout supplement which will help you boost your energy, focus, and performance during your exercise routine. These supplements contain nutrients that help with the building of muscle.

Other Ways to Stay Fit During a Trip

Exercising is only one of the ways you can stay fit while on vacation, but there are other efforts you can take to make sure that you maintain muscle mass and keep your health up. For example, when you eat, aim to make healthier choices that are nutritious and will help you get in some vitamins and minerals that will help you stay fit.

staying fit when traveling

While travelling keep an eye out for activities that can also be used as a workout of sorts - like hiking, swimming, a walking tour, or sailing. Don’t hesitate to ask to join in on games like football and volleyball, that you see people playing on beaches or at parks. Remember that vacations are about rest and relaxation and it is important to take care of your mental health as well. If you fixate too much on exercise and don’t get rest, then it’ll impact your mental health. Think about including meditation in your routines to help with mindfulness.

Wrap Up: A Guide to Staying Fit Whilst Travelling

Being on vacation does not mean that you have to forget about your fitness goals. There are many ways you can work around your schedule to fit in some exercise whenever you can. You also can include activities that can contribute to your fitness goals like hiking and swimming. Be sure to eat well and remember that vacations are about rest and relaxation - so take some time to be mindful.

What about you, how do you stay fit when you're on the road? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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