7 Practical Tips on How to Plan Your Safari Honeymoon Trip

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Getting married is an important event where two people legally and formally commit to a personal relationship. Hence, if you are planning to get married you need to focus on how you can make this event memorable and ever-lasting. Couples today love to make mutual decisions about how they are going to organize the event and the subsequent honeymoon trip. If you and your partner are wildlife adventurers you would want to focus on a safari honeymoon which combines the best of both situations. This is where you both can enjoy the adventure you can get from your wildlife trip but at the same time enjoy the privacy and seclusion you need on your honeymoon trip.

7 Practical Tips on How to Plan Your Safari Honeymoon Trip

The power of the internet has made it easier and more convenient for most couples to browse and evaluate tour operators that offer excellent plans and packages for safari honeymoons. However, even before you decide what couple safari honeymoon plans you want to choose you must be clear about what you want and what you should expect from these trips. Here are 7 tips on how to plan a couple's safari honeymoon trip:

#1. Research Mutually!

Information is the key to finding the right plans and packages for safari honeymoons. Hence, you need to be clear about what you want and expect when you choose a certain package. When you are sorting honeymoon plans you need to sit down, compare and evaluate various plans and packages with your partner to ensure that you both are on the same page. This would make things easier and more convenient because you want to find a mutual ground. You need to talk about how you can manage your time and money when you are on a honeymoon. This would ensure that you make decisions mutually after thorough research.

#2. Know Your Destinations!

There are ample destinations where you can go on a couple of safari experiences. However, you need to be clear about what destinations you want to pick and why. This can make a huge difference because even if you are going for an African safari tour you want to focus on certain activities, landscapes and much more. Africa, as a continent, can be overwhelming because it offers a variety of landscapes which include grasslands, savannahs, mountains, deserts and even beaches. You can choose from wildlife safari in South Africa to mokoro patting in Botswana based on what you want and how you want to spend your honeymoon time. Similarly, if you are looking for beaches you can look out for destinations like Kenya and Tanzania where you can find excellent accommodations and experiences.

#3. Focus on Weather!

While most safaris are in Africa you would still want to focus on weather to ensure that you do not end up ruining your honeymoon trip. June to October is considered one of the best times when you can head for an African safari honeymoon tour. This is when the weather is relatively dry and most migration happens during these months which can lead to more sightings. Also, you need to know that because of clear weather, this would be a peak season and therefore you will have to book your accommodations in advance.

how to plan a safari honeymoon trip

December to March is the rainy season in the southern part of Africa which means that if you are planning to explore South Africa during these months you will have to prepare for a wet season. Similarly, March to May is when East Africa receives rainfall covering major parts of Kenya and Tanzania. While many wildlife adventure lovers prefer the wet season it all depends on how you want to plan your safari honeymoon trip. Knowing the weather will also help you decide what to pack for your upcoming African safari tour.

#4. Make a To-Do List!

When you are planning a safari honeymoon with your partner you must also make a to-do list which makes things clear while you plan the trip. Newly-weds likely want to try as many things as possible on their honeymoon. However, you must pace your trip nicely and focus on certain activities you want to cover. Do you want to enjoy a boat cruise in the Okavango Delta? Do you want to enjoy excellent game drives? Are you interested in hot air balloon rides? Ask these questions to narrow down what activities you want to do when you reach your destination. Also, making a must-do list will allow you to focus on regions you want to cover while spending quality time.

#5. Book the Right Accommodations!

Africa has a variety of accommodations for all those who visit the continent for wildlife adventures. However, things are different when you are enjoying a safari trip with your newly-wed partner. For this, you need to book the right accommodations that offer the right level of comfort, convenience, seclusion and privacy. You can choose from a tree-house that allows you to sleep under the stars to a luxurious lodge that overlooks a vast savannah land or a river flowing nearby. Knowing how to choose a safari lodge would ensure a comfortable honeymoon experience. When you are browsing through the list of accommodations the choices can be endless and overwhelming and therefore once again you have to focus on what you decide mutually. This would allow you to experience your honeymoon exactly the way you want it to be.

#6. Focus on Celebration!

A honeymoon trip is a celebration of your commitment to your partner. Hence, you need to focus on being together and spending quality time when you are done with all the wildlife adventures and activities. You can look for honeymoon tours where you can participate in a Maasai wedding ceremony, or you can look for accommodations that offer couples bubble bath experiences as you and your partner overlook the vast panoramic landscape. You can also focus on plans where you can learn how to cook, try wine-tasting sessions or feed giraffes through a window. You can also look for various experiences like helicopter rides and hot air balloon tours combined with a breakfast thereafter.

#7. Pick the Right Plan!

If you are not much into planning your safari honeymoon trip you can let the experts do that for you. For this, you need to look for local tour operators that focus on sustainable tourism and provide you with customized itineraries based on what you want. This would allow you to focus on your priorities while the accommodation, transport, food and activities will be managed by these tour operators. They can also provide you with excellent custom packages based on your budget and that can mean that you can get on with your wedding celebrations and be ready for your safari honeymoon trip to Africa.

What about you, what are your plans for your safari honeymoon trip? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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