7 Best Treks in Uttarakhand, India

best treks in Uttarakhand

From ancient times, India's Uttarakhand is called “Devbhoomi” or the “Land of the Gods” for its spiritual significance and pristine beauty. However, besides its spirituality, this northern state of India depicts majestic Himalayan ranges and awe-inspiring trek routes. Trekkers or tourists visiting the place not only celebrate its sacred temples and pilgrimage sites but also adventure activities in Uttarakhand. Trekking is one of the thrilling global activities in this Himalayan wonderland. Its diverse topography and varying altitudes provide different opportunities to experience nature for novice and seasoned trekkers. From snow-clad peaks to lush green valleys and dense forests, the state covers every aspect of nature that a trekker dreams of.

7 Best Treks in Uttarakhand, India

Trekkers get chances to hike through the planet's most remote and unspoiled landscapes through Uttarakhand. The place has suitable trekking routes for intrepid explorers or avid nature enthusiasts, as per their capabilities or preferences. In this blog, we will cover seven best treks of Uttarakhand, showcasing its natural splendour and blend of adventure with spirituality. Therefore, fasten your hiking boots and get ready with your backpack as we embark through the towering peaks, pristine lakes, ancient monasteries, and breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas.

Uttarakhand, An Adventure Tourist Destination

Uttarakhand is famous for its diverse topography, uneven terrain, and thrilling outdoor activities. It is why adventure tourism has been a major part of this state, offering adventure activities in Uttarakhand.

River Rafting

The best river rafting experiences for adventure enthusiasts is in Rishikesh, Uttarakahnd. Tourists can plan river rafting for half a day or one-day trip in Shivpuri, depending on their choice. You can also stay in the river rafting camps along the riversides. The best suitable time for river rafting is from September mid to December and from early March to May.

Water Sports

Moreover, adventure means there has to be water sports, and Uttarakhand is the home of the largest man-made lake in Asia – Tehri Lake. The place offers Boating, Jet Speed Boat Rides, Water Skiing, Zorbing, etc, which the hikers can enjoy. You can visit the lake in the summer months of April to June. The northern state, having splendid Himalayan mountain ranges, offers the best adventure activities in Uttarakhand for trekking apart from adventure sports. However, hikers should remain cautious of the risk of landslides and avoid the monsoon season.

Bungee Jumping

On the other hand, Mohan Chatti in Rishikesh has the highest bungee jumping spot in the country. Adventurists consider this place as the best place bungee jumping spot in India.


Adventure destination remains incomplete without paragliding, and the glorious hills of Uttarakhand are the perfect location for Paragliding. These are suitable for novice and experienced paragliders where people can locate cross-country paragliding to cover long distances.

Wildlife Safari

Corbett and Rajaji National Parks are famous for exhilarating Wildlife Safaris. It is an excellent adventure for tourists to explore the wildlife in jeeps or elephants back.


Auli Ski Resort in Auli has also gained immense popularity for their world-class skiing facilities. The natural slopes of the Himalayas have outstanding opportunities to conduct skiing events like slalom. It is available during November to March. Therefore, adventure tourism has reached several heights in this state, attracting worldwide adventure lovers.

Why Is Trekking in Uttarakhand One of the Major Attractions?

This northern state of India has stunning natural beauty and diverse landscapes, offering a wide range of trekking routes. Hikers from around the globe visit India to experience a lifetime journey through the terrains of the Himalayas and alpine meadows. Best treks of Uttarakhand like Kedarkantha trek, Kuari Pass trek, Roopkund Trek, or Valley of Flowers Trek provides stunning regional vistas. The Himalayan terrain varies from dense forests to remote mountain passes, gushing rivers, or charming villages. This endless diversity attracts trekkers to choose Uttarakhand as their journey destination.

The state is rich in biodiversity, and trekking routes allow hikers to experience the flora and fauna. Treks like the Valley of Flowers take you through a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcasing a riot of colourful flowers in full bloom during the monsoon season. Other treks in Uttarakhand have religious significance, like Char Dham Yatra and Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. These pilgrimage sites for Hindus depict the region's cultural and spiritual aspects. Some best treks of Uttarakhand, like Bali pass trek or Pin Parvati Pass trek, require high fitness and mountaineering skills, providing an adrenaline rush for thrill-seekers.

Trekking is one of the major attractions because hikers can learn more about the unique culture, traditions, and inhabitation of the remote mountain villages. Moreover, all the places are well-connected by road and rail, making reaching the base camps easy. There are easy day hikes and multi-day expeditions in this state. Uttarakhand government takes care of the safety measures for the well-being of the trekkers, including providing experienced guides, well-marked trails, and emergency services. On the other hand, camping under the starry Himalayan sky adds a magical element to the hiking destinations in Uttarakhand.

7 Best Treks in Uttarakhand

The northern state of Uttarakhand is famous for its enchanting and exciting trekking routes worldwide. Let’s see the best treks of Uttarakhand in detail:

Pangarchulla Peak Trek

  • Total trek distance: 40kms
  • Base camp: Joshimath
  • Best time to visit: autumn and spring
  • Duration: 7 days

This peak trek is located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand as one of the most exciting trek in the Nanda Devi sanctuary. Hikers experience the lush green valley with the dense forest covers and snow-covered Himalayas peaks. This peak is commonly known as India's “chimney peak” because of its 4575m altitude. Trekkers catch a glimpse of Mount Dronagiri, Nanda Devi, Neelkanth, and many others. Mount Trishul's aura will take your breath away, surrounded by surreal beauty.

where to go trekking in Uttarakhand

The trek begins from Haridwar and crosses Joshimath, Dhak, and Khullara to the Pangarchulla peak. The trekking path is rocky and steep, with never ending adventure and beauty. However, fitness should be the top priority of every trekker because this trek requires physical training beforehand. During winter, treks in Uttarakhand can even amaze the hikers as they can spot footprints of snow leopards or Himalayan bears.

Kedarkantha Trek

  • Total trek distance: 20kms
  • Base camp: Sankri
  • Best time to visit: winter
  • Duration: 6 days

Kedarkantha trek is the best winter hiking route in Uttarakhand to experience clear mountains, rich flora and fauna, exciting campsites, or the serenity of the mountain villages. Hikers enjoy the local culture and meals during the trek. This mountain peak is one of the towering peaks of the Himalayas, with an altitude of 12500 feet. Even in the icy winter, the trekking path is always covered with vegetation. The snow-capped peaks of the mountains can be spotted from 10,000 feet because of their high altitude. The journey starts from Dehradun to Sankri by car, covering Mussoorie, Nain Bhag village, and Purola. You can see rivers like Yamuna, Ganga, or Supin flowing across the mountainous routes.

best trekking company Uttarakhand

From Sankri, hikers reach Juda ka Talab, a sacred mountain lake through the dense forests. It is the first campsite along the riverside and oak or pine trees where the weather drops to -12 during winters. Moreover, trekkers can see the 360-degree view of the mountain ranges from the Kedarkantha summit. From the summit, hikers return to Sankri, passing through Hargoan.

Har Ki Dun trek

  • Total trek distance: 47 km
  • Base camp: Sankri
  • Best time to visit: throughout the year, except monsoon
  • Duration: 7 days

This trek is a spiritual and ancient trek of the Himalayas, attracting hikers worldwide every year. Hikers choose this place for the summer season because it shows the natural beauty of the place, like green patches in the meadows, rhododendron flowers, and dense forests. It is located at an altitude of 11675 feet, known as one of the treks in Uttarakhand for beginners. Har ki Dun is where trekkers can witness Swargrohini, Bandar Poonch, and black peak. The trek starts from the Sankri village, then to Pauni Garaat, and finally to Har ki Dun. Hikers glimpse the Jaundhar glacier from this trek, and Morinda Lake or Borasu pass from the summit.

Uttarakhand best treks

The meadows of this place are covered with alpine flowers during the spring season, offering a pleasant sight for the trekkers. The trail is located in the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in the Garhwal Himalayas. The valley's cradle-shaped shape describes the peace and calmness of nature.

Brahmatal Trek

  • Total trek distance: 24 kms
  • Base camp: Lohajung
  • Best time to visit: winter
  • Duration: 6 days

Brahmatal trek at an altitude of 12250 feet combines forest trails, glacial lakes, and a summit. It is one of the undiscovered hiking destinations in Uttarakhand, meaning hikers can experience pure beauty and untouched diverse terrains of the Himalayas. The total path starts from a steady incline, offering Mount Trishul, Ronti saddle, and many more. On reaching the top of the Brahmatal summit, a picturesque sight awaits the hikers with a snow-capped mountain range. You will notice different colors in the fresh white snow under the starry sky in winter trekking. Sleeping in the campsite is a dream comes true for many hikers. It starts from Lohajung village, which relates to the mythical stories of Goddess Parvati and Shiva.

Uttarakhand best trekking company

From Lohajung, the journey starts for Bekaltal through the silver oak forests and rhododendron foliage. The Bekaltal lakeside serves as a lakeside campsite with natural beauty. The summit of the Brahmatal Lake remains covered with fresh snow from where you can experience the majestic Himalayan beauty. From here, hikers climb to Brahmatal top to catch the bird’s eye view. You will notice the mountain ranges with the golden hue of the sun. Mount Trishul and Nanda Ghunti can be best seen from here, along with Mount Shivling.

Valley of Flowers trek

  • Total trek distance: 38 kms
  • Base camp: Ghangaria
  • Best time to visit: monsoon
  • Duration: 6 days

This hiking destination in Uttarakhand depicts an aesthetic valley of flowers that blooms during spring among the exquisite meadows. The alpine flora adds more charm to the landscape between the Zanskar and Great Himalayan ranges. The Flower Valley is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of its vast and colourful flora. Hikers get amused with the scent coming from the flowers throughout the trek. It is a perfect trek for flower lovers, bird watchers, and nature enthusiasts.

best hiking trails in Uttarakhand

The trek starts from Haridwar, where trekkers travel to Joshimath, crossing the confluence of Mandakini and Alakananda rivers. The 10km trekking journey starts at Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara. It is the steepest climb in the trek, with a stretch of 5km. Valley of Flowers trek is covered with clouds and gliding rivers, which look like a painted canvas.

Dayara Bugyal trek

  • Total trek distance: 24 km
  • Base camp: Barsu
  • Best time to visit: spring, summer, fall and winter
  • Duration: 6 days

If you dream of a blissful walk among the alpine forests or a night at the campsite, this is the perfect trek. Trekkers can experience mountain villages with lavish grasslands between the Himalayan ranges. The trekking journey is easy to moderate and suitable for all hikers. The mixed forest of oak, pines, and maples amuses everyone running along the Bakaria top and Dayara Bugyal. The extensive meadows stretch for 28 square meter with exotic ranges of Mount Srikanth and Draupadi ka Danda, which are the main highlights of this trek.

Uttarakhand top hiking trails

You will reach Barnala Tal from Barsu, where you will see the lake's clear water beside the Himalayan ranges. Then, the Bakaria top summit feels challenging because the gradual ascend showcases a 360-degree view of the mountains. This trek also covers the sacred Gangotri temple near the banks of the Bhagirathi River. Bugyal offers the best landscape photography with unexplored topography, a delightful experience for photographers.

Ali bedni Bugyal trek

  • Total trek distance: 31 kms
  • Base camp: Lohajung
  • Best time to visit: all seasons, except monsoon
  • Duration: 6 days

This trek covers two beautiful scenic meadows, Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal surrounding Mt Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. The colossal Himalayan ranges stretches from Chaukhamba to Neelkanth to Mandani making them the main attractions of this trek. Hikers get chances to explore the villages of Didna and Wan while reaching the summit. It also has way to reach Bedni Kund at the Bedni top. It starts from Lohajung gradually to Ali Bugyal forest camp and then to Bedni top.

where to go trekking in Uttarakhand

Trekkers cross dense coniferous forests along the route with a 360 degree view of the Himalayan ranges. You can enjoy the starry nights from the campsites as well. The terrain descends from Ali Bugyal and passes through the lush Himalayan flora. Here, hikers also visit Nanda Devi temple then reaches Ghairoli Patal. This trek journey is moderately difficult but one of the safest trek available in Uttarakhand.

Wrap Up: 7 Best Treks in Uttarakhand, India

In conclusion, the northern state is the treasure trove of breathtaking trekking destinations of the world covering adventure activities in Uttarakhand for trekkers. The dramatic landscape ranging from towering peaks of the Himalayas to pristine lakes provides the backdrop of the best treks of Uttarakhand.

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