5 Creative and Smart Ways to Make Money While Traveling: A Concise Guide

how to travel and work at the same time

Travelling can be fun. It is a time to get away from everyday stress and rejuvenate yourself. While this is an activity most people enjoy only a few times a year, some people dream of travelling the world. Surprisingly, many people have achieved this at almost no cost to their savings. Instead, they make money while travelling. In case you are wondering how this could be possible, read on as this guide will highlight ways you can travel around the world and still earn a sizeable income at the same time. Even if you have a big pocket, making extra cash while travelling can help reduce your budget-related worries and allow you to conveniently stay longer at the destination than you had initially planned.

Habits to Cultivate

Even though this article is about travelling and making a sizeable income, it is vital to clarify that none of these tips highlighted below will offer you a lavish lifestyle. You must cultivate the habit of being prudent and living below your means. This helps you to save for rainy days in case you run out of money. For many full-time travellers, their first year was self-funded. You can only scale through this time if you are financially intelligent and prudent.

Travel Blogging and Photography

Before travelling to a location, there is a high probability you first did some online research about favourite places to visit, best flight deals, and budget-friendly hotels. Many people like you are out there, and there will always be more in years to come. Writing about your travelling experience can help other travellers better prepare for their journey. It can also help families considering a vacation spot make up their minds. If you are wondering how to become a travel blogger, it is easier than you might think. When writing about your trip, see your audience like a friend to whom you are trying to narrate your experience. The exciting thing about travel blogging is that, while you are helping people, you can also make money in the process.

How to Make Money as a Travel Blogger

You can create a blog site where people can visit and read about your experience. Once you have considerable site visitors, you can start displaying adverts, such as from Google Adsense. You can also make deals with travel companies to publish reviews about their products and services and get commissions from sales through your site. This is called affiliate marketing. There are publications around the world that will pay you to write for them. Pitch your trip to them and make some extra cash. You can also document and compile your travel experience. This can then be converted to an e-book, which you can sell on platforms like Amazon or your blog site.

how to travel while working

Another smart way to make money during your trip is through photography. Pictures of animals, bus stops, landscapes, and others you take during your trip can fetch you substantial income. You can publish them on stock photography websites, where you get paid for every download and usage of your works. Like blogging, you can also pitch your service to companies to take unique photos for them. For instance, you can make a deal with a hotel to take pictures of your room, lobby, and surrounding areas. The hotel, in turn, uses the beautiful photos on their social media pages.

Vlogging and Podcasting

Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text, and a study has shown that people are 83% more likely to share a video with friends if it's relevant to their interests. Vlogging is similar to blogging, except that it is presented in video format instead of text. You can document your travel experience by recording videos and discussing what you learned about the areas in focus. You may also interview locals and other tourists about their view of the destination. This kind of content can be published on video-sharing platforms like YouTube, and with enough subscribers, you will be able to monetize your videos. Like blogging and photography, you can also review products and services on your video channels while earning a commission from every purchase. Companies can also contact you to cover their events at specific locations, sponsoring your trip and paying you for your time. Podcasting is analogous to vlogging, except that it is audio instead of video format.

Work Remotely for Your Current Company

Some companies offer telecommuting opportunities, which means you can work from anywhere. If your company permits this, you can travel around the world while you keep your job. Also, if your company has multiple locations, you can explore new places while keeping your job. Some companies offer travel opportunities, such as attending conferences or working temporarily at other offices. This could be a great way to get paid while you travel and explore different cultures.

Social Media Influencing

You may have seen celebrities on social media advertising a product on their page. That can also be you. Build a social media brand for your travel experience. Upload pictures of your travel, record short videos of culture shocks, tips, and anything else that might help or entertain your followers. This can help grow your number of followers. Brands are always looking for social media influencers they can partner with. You may even become a brand ambassador for a company capable of sponsoring your trips.

Odd Jobs on the Road

Depending on your travel schedule and plan, you can take up some odd jobs along the way. For instance, if you travel to a country where they speak a different language, you can learn it before embarking on the journey. Upon your arrival, you can get a job as a translator or interpreter. You can also work as a tour guide as they are always in demand. Other odd jobs you can do during your travel include:

  • teaching English;
  • public speaking;
  • hosting a retreat or workshop;
  • being an au pair;
  • offering your services through freelance platforms in the area.

What about you, how do you travel and work at the same time? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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