Choosing the Right Type of Bag for Your Travel Adventures

what bag to choose for travel

Whether you’re a beginner traveller or an experienced jet-setter, a bag is something you simply can’t forget to bring on your trip. As covered in a previous post, bags are fashion essentials that combine style and functionality by complementing your look and serving as practical storage for other items in your packing list. However, with so many styles and designs to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed about choosing which type of bag to carry throughout your travel adventures. So, here is a short list of specific bags that will surely match the activity or destination on your itinerary.

Daypack for Outdoor Activities

When you’re engaged in outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, or cycling, you will want a bag that can store your gear, food, and other essentials while remaining comfortable for long hours of walking or travelling. Therefore, your best option is a hard-wearing daypack that can withstand all types of weather conditions, like strong winds or heavy rain.

which travel bag to choose

The Osprey Hikelite 26 is one such bag, with its 100% recycled nylon material and water-repellent treatment. It also has mesh ventilation for optimal airflow and padded shoulder straps with a sternum harness for maximum flexibility and comfort, whether hiking the Eiger Trail or on a cycling holiday in Slovenia.

Crossbody Bag for City Sightseeing

Meanwhile, if you’re the more laid-back type of traveller who tours historical cities like Rome or shops around fashion centres like The Marais in Paris, a crossbody bag is an excellent choice for you. Not only are crossbody bags compact and comfortable to wear even for long hours of metropolitan sightseeing, but you also stay hands-free for greater convenience and access to your belongings.

best crossbody bag for travel

Crossbody bags are also incredibly versatile for personal style, with River Island’s collection of crossbody handbags ranging from trendy quilted patterns to chic embossed bags with chain straps. Even the colour and finish can make or break your look, from black patent leather that exudes sophistication to a pink diamante best suited for nights out.

Straw Tote for Beach Getaways

Tote bags have always been the quintessential accessory for the beach, but this year’s trend elevates the conventional tote with a straw material. The Telegraph touts straw bags as the newest ‘It’ handbag, seen not only in picnics and street markets along Provence but also donned by luxurious travellers on their beach getaways in the French & Italian Riviera.

best crossbody bag for travel

Moreover, straw or raffia bags are an accessible way to evoke quiet luxury, as they’re among the affordable options of luxury brands like Loewe and Bottega Veneta. Despite being lightweight, they also have enough room to keep beach essentials like towels, sunscreen, and sunglasses safe and secure.

Duffel Bag for Weekend Trips

As modern lifestyles become increasingly busier, the more common short weekend trips or city breaks become. If you’re among those seeking a quick but much-needed respite from work and daily life, it’s better to pack all your belongings in an easy-to-carry duffel bag instead of hauling a suitcase around.

crossbody bags for travel

Among the duffel bags available, the Vomgomfom overnight bag is the best choice with its water and tear-resistant polyester material, as well as its 65-litre storage capacity divided into five compartments and a convenient side pocket for shoes.

Wherever your next trip may be or how long it may last, keeping in mind the tips above can help ensure the perfect travel companion for your style and needs. For more travel tips and guides, check out the rest of the posts on this blog!

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