Travelling with Kids: Family-Friendly Amenities and Activities at JFK Airport

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Travelling with kids can be an adventure in itself, as every parent knows from experience – especially when you’re navigating busy airports. Fortunately, JFK Airport in New York City understands the unique needs of families and offers a range of child-friendly amenities and activities to make the travelling experience enjoyable for kids and parents alike.

Travelling with Kids: Family-Friendly Amenities and Activities at JFK Airport

If you’re planning a fun-filled family vacation in the near future, and you’ll be departing from JFK, read on to discover some of the family-focused offerings you’ll find at JFK. From play areas and kid-friendly dining options to nursing rooms and stroller-savvy facilities, we’ll guide you through the airport’s family-oriented features – each one carefully designed to ensure a smooth and entertaining journey.

#1. Convenient Parking Options

Before you even enter the airport building, your family vacation can be made less stressful by finding convenient, low-cost, and secure parking for your vehicle. Fortunately, with the help of, this is a cinch, as they provide a diverse selection of parking options for you to choose from, many of which include a free 24-hour airport shuttle so you won’t have to worry about how you’ll transport your kids and all of your luggage to and from JFK.

#2. The T5 Kids Play Area

Located in Terminal 5, the T5 Kids Play Area is a haven where children can burn off some energy before or after a flight. The play area features a variety of climbing structures, slides, and interactive games to keep your little ones entertained.

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Meanwhile, parents can relax in the nearby seating area while keeping an eye on their kids, creating a stress-free environment for everyone - and giving you an ideal way to recharge your batteries before your flight.

#3. Kid-Friendly Dining Options

Feeding hungry little ones is essential during travel, and JFK Airport has a range of kid-focused dining options to cater to different tastes. Many terminals feature popular family-friendly restaurants and quick-service eateries that offer menus with delicacies guaranteed to appeal to young tastebuds, such as pizza, sandwiches, and hamburgers. Parents can relax, knowing that there are options available to satisfy their little ones’ appetites.

#4. Stroller-Friendly Facilities

Navigating an airport with an unwieldy stroller can be a challenge. The great news is that JFK Airport provides facilities that make it easier for families. Wide corridors, accessible elevators, and ramps allow for smooth stroller movement throughout the airport. What’s more, you will even find designated stroller parking areas near security checkpoints and boarding gates, which offer added convenience and ensure that strollers are securely stored during the flight.

#5. JetBlue’s T5 “Wooftop” Park

If your family includes a four-legged member, and you can’t bear to party with them while you’re away, don’t miss out on a visit to JetBlue’s “Wooftop” Pet Relief Area.

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This 4000 sqft. outdoor rooftop zone, also located in Terminal 5, is specifically designed for travelling pets. Kids can enjoy watching the dogs play and interact while getting some fresh air before boarding their flight.

#6. Nursing Rooms And Baby Care Facilities

JFK Airport recognizes the needs of travelling parents with babies in tow and provides dedicated nursing rooms and baby care facilities. These private spaces are equipped with comfortable seating, changing tables, and sinks for parents to tend to their little ones’ needs in a calm, convenient, and hygienic environment.

#7. Children’s Shops

JFK boasts a variety of children’s shops where families can browse and purchase toys, books, games, and travel essentials. These shops offer a range of age-appropriate products to keep kids entertained during the flight or to serve as mementos of their travel experience.

#8. Airline Kids Programs

Several airlines operating at JFK Airport have special programs to entertain and engage young travellers. These programs often include activity kits, colouring books, and special in-flight entertainment options for children.

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Check with your airline before your departure date, to see what kind of programs they offer and ensure a fun-filled journey for your little ones.

#9. Some Helpful Tips For Flying With Kids

Before you pack your bags and prepare to set off, here are a few more tips that could come in handy for your flight from JFK – or, indeed, any airport.

  • Bring Some Home Comforts: If you have very young children, or if your kids are flying for the very first time and they’re a little anxious about the prospect, be sure to bring along some comfort items, like blankets, pillows, or a favorite plushie. This will provide a soothing sense of familiarity and will help kids to feel more at ease during the flight.
  • Be Prepared For Ear Pressure: During take-off and landing, your children may experience some discomfort from the sudden change of pressure. To help with this common complaint, encourage swallowing, sucking on a pacifier, sucking on a lollipop, or chewing a piece of gum (depending on the age of the child) to relieve the pressure in their ears.
  • Stay Calm And Patient: It’s natural for kids to get restless or maybe even display some challenging behavior during a flight, especially if they’re not accustomed to air travel. Do your best to stay calm and patient, and offer them reassurance. Take frequent breaks to walk around the cabin or focus their mind on some soothing activities, like reading, listening to an audiobook, or watching some cartoons to help manage their energy levels.
  • Pack Extra Clothes: Finally, it’s a good idea to pack some extra clothing in your carry-on, in case of any spills, accidents, and other unexpected situations. You know what kids are like!

Wrap Up: Flying with Kids, Tips & Advice for Aiports

Travelling with kids may be a daunting prospect, but it can actually be an exciting and stress-free experience at JFK Airport. With family-friendly amenities like play areas, kid-friendly dining options, stroller-friendly facilities, nursing rooms, and children’s shops, the airport caters to the unique needs of families. What’s more, the airline kids programs ensure that children have a fun-filled journey from take-off to landing. By providing these family-focused offerings, JFK Airport makes travelling with kids more enjoyable, allowing both parents and children to create positive, lasting memories as they embark on their adventures.

What about you, how do you travel with family and children? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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