Thrill Seekers Guide to Texas: Adrenaline Fuelled Adventures

adventures in texas

If you are one of those willing to go a bit off the beaten path, the end of the summer season in early October is the perfect time to plan a getaway, but don't settle for the same old thing. Create new memories and risks and go to Texas instead for rip roaring time and an adventure you are unlikely to forget. Take a look at the activities on offer below and then decide where to go in Texas to make them happen.

#1. Camping in Galveston

When boarding a cruise out of Galveston you are in for rip roaring action even before you set foot on the ship. This fun-filled seaside city in Texas is a favourite vacation spot among adrenaline seeking junkies who come to this pulsating place to explore its illustrious history and experience nature at its best. The 2000 acres Galveston Island State Park has wetlands, dunes and beaches where you can rent a campsite for a unique overnight adventure under the stars. You can also take advantage of the endless outdoor activities on offer like kayaking, hiking, fishing or biking.

#2. Soaring in the sky

The extreme sport of gliding through the air in a sailplane can be enjoyed just east of Wallis at the Greater Houston Soaring Association. Weather permitting, every weekend thrill seekers can soar in the air in a modern sailplane and fly like an eagle. Moreover, these sailplanes have the capacity to glide for many hours and cover large distances.

#3. Whitewater rafting

There are certain places in Texas which offer excellent facilities for whitewater rafting as most rivers flowing through the state can be termed as placid. For high thrill action, sections of the San Marcos river have large volumes of flowing water. The rivers in western Texas are a bit wilder, especially in the Big Bend National Park where they are famed for their abrupt twists and turns as they follow their course through the Rio Grande.

#4. Test your wakeboarding skills

You don't have to hit the open water for some wave action thrilling experience. Just head to the south of Houston to Wake Nation set on a man-made lake. The attraction has 35' high steel towers with a unique overhead cable system. Wakeboarders, water skaters and water skiers can enjoy this activity without the use of a boat. For beginners, there is a practice area set apart in a small pond, while the professionals head to the lake properly outfitted with grind rails, custom-built jumps and sliders.

#5. Fast Fall

Skydive Spaceland, located in a 134 acre air park, 25 minutes south of the 610 loop, offers courses in tandem and individual skydiving under the guidance of some of the best instructors in the industry. The facility welcomes individuals and can handle large groups as well. One can opt for a first time jump with a tandem instructor or complete a week of training to obtain your individual skydiving licence. The institute is open round the week and can conduct as many as 300 jumps a day for new jumpers.

What about you, have you ever been to Texas? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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