3 Smart Hacks for Overseas Travel

overseas travel advice

Traveling overseas can be extremely expensive and hectic, or it can be cheaper and less hassle than a tourist spot in the US. It depends on how well-planned your trip is from top to bottom. On that note, here are three smart hacks to help make sure that you get the most and the best out of your next overseas vacation.

Planning with Realistic Estimations

  • Definition of the term “realistic” can vary widely from person to person, but it’s still important to set a few facts straight. Don’t try to plan a budget trip to an overseas destination that seems to be significantly out of your budget for now.
  • There are almost always more affordable alternatives to the most expensive tourist sports; you just need to find one.
  • Don’t travel to a nation that isn’t considered safe for US citizens, irrespective of how cheap it might be.
  • You can almost always travel cheaper overseas to destinations that are on the same continent.

Finally, do not assume that a nation will be cheaper to travel to and through, just because the dollar has a higher comparative value. International currency exchange values don’t always work that way. Take Australia for example, which can be a very expensive, albeit exotic travel destination, even though the Australian dollar is not as expensive as the American dollar.

Comparing Flight Prices Across Multiple Airlines

Most of the time, the cost of flight is the most expensive part of traveling overseas. For example, you can fly to Toronto, Canada and then come back to your home city in the United States at a cheaper price than what it would cost you to buy just a one-way ticket to Bangkok during peak season. Even during off-season, the price of a ticket to a faraway nation will almost always be significantly more expensive.

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Therefore, even though Thailand is significantly cheaper to travel through, it’s the cost of getting there that makes the trip somewhat expensive. Nowadays, we have the tools to bring down those lofty flight expenses by comparing the prices offered by the various airlines and resellers. You can save a lot of time, money, and effort with a smart flight plan if you know how to quickly find them.

Smart Booking

Booking in advance is one of the most basic but effective ways to bring down flight and accommodation costs when you are traveling overseas. However, we are going to take a step further and discuss opportunistic booking here. All popular tourist destinations are well aware that people book early to save money, which is why it isn’t uncommon for hotels and airlines to hike the price up for specific future dates. You must keep that in mind while comparing the price of flight and accommodation in between the different dates.

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For example, if you are traveling to Thailand, you may find that everything costs a lot more from mid-December onwards, even if you are trying to book six months ahead of time. This is because the locals are well aware of the Christmas rush, and they would not want to lose out on more money if they can help it.

overseas travel advice

For best results, avoid traveling to any foreign nation on any major holiday. In this case, if you just go back by a week or two to book your flight and hotel rooms in late November or early December, you will find the prices to be much more accommodating. Be mindful of the local holidays of your intended destination too because some of the more popular ones tend to draw in crowds from all across the world.

What about you, what are your favourite hacks for overseas travel? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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