The 5 Best European Cycling Trails

best european cycling trails

You might frequent your bike for commuting purposes or simply to get around, but have you ever considered an all-out cycling holiday? Just you, your bike and the spectacular landscapes of Europe. You could even search for group or family-friendly cycling holidays if that’s more appealing. In Great Britain, the number of bikes sold between 2020 and 2021 reached almost 3.3 million sales, showcasing how the pandemic influenced and rekindled people’s love for cycling.

Why Choose Europe for Your Cycling Holiday?

The weather in the UK unsurprisingly prevents us from getting out on our bikes as much as we’d like to. That’s where Europe comes into the picture, offering stable and comfortable cycling temperatures through endless scenic spots. It’s a haven for cyclers, with plenty of trails to choose from across the continent. With this in mind, a European cycling holiday could be exactly what you need.

What Are the 5 Best European Destinations for Cycling Enthusiasts?

Wondering where to go for your cycling holiday to Europe? Here are some of the most popular destinations.

#1. The Danube cycle path (1,260 km)

If you’re looking for riverside views along an easy-going, more leisurely towpath, the Danube cycle path could be ideal. You start in Donaueschingen in Germany and end in Budapest in Hungary, passing through Austria along the way. It’s a popular route which means it’s well-maintained too, so you can craft your itineraries knowing that the ride will be a more comfortable one.

#2. Route des Grandes Alpes (710 km)

Fancy tackling steeper terrain amidst the towering mountainous landscape of the Alps? This route involves road cycling, so it will demand the right equipment for this type of holiday. Starting in Geneva, you’ll wind your way over to Nice. Spectacular elements make up this landscape, such as glaciers and mountain pastures.

#3. Bavaria’s Lake Chiemsee (265 km)

Circle Bavaria’s largest lake, otherwise known as the Bavarian Sea, and take in picture-perfect villages, castles and monasteries along the way. The landscape is made up of clear rivers and alpine foothills, providing you with a sense of escapism as you embrace nature’s beauty. From the German car museum to Bavaria’s oldest nature reserve, the Eggstätter Lake District, you can take in doses of culture, history and the natural surroundings in equal doses.

#4. The Iron Curtain Gravel Trail (687 km)

The Iron Curtain Trails are part of the EuroVelo cycling routes and offer up the chance to explore parts of Germany that aren’t filled with tourists. Think Drei-Länder-Stein in the Harz Mountains, plus Saxony, Bavaria, Hessee and more. The route runs alongside areas of the European Green Belt too, so you can witness preserved nature sites along the way.

#5. The Green Divide in The Netherlands (585 km)

The beginning of this route will take you through the Heuvelrug Divide on gravel paths, as well as the area of Ede, which is a tranquil and scenic area of the Netherlands. Then, you’ll continue by passing through city parks, forests and sandy sections as you head to Veluwe, allowing you to see the Netherlands in a whole different way.

Wrap Up: The 5 Best European Cycling Trails

Europe’s cycling trails offer an incredible opportunity to explore the continent and everything it has to offer. Grab your bike and enjoy the stunning landscapes, rich history and vibrant cultures of Europe!

What about you, what are you favourite European cycling trails? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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