How to Plan a Gap Year: Tips, Destinations & Benefits

how to plan a gap year

Gap years aren't just a buzzword that gets thrown about the travel community by young adults who can’t be bothered to start working a “real career” but rather it is something that many people are choosing to do.

How to Plan a Gap Year: Tips, Destinations & Benefits

Now there is a common myth and belief that gap years are reserved for young rich teenagers who have just left college and have no idea what to do for their jobs so go and travel the world instead. However, gap years are far from that in this day and age with adults in between career changes as well as families jumping on the travel bandwagon too and ditching their current lives for a year of travelling the globe.

The world is there to be explored and the rise in the internet within the past two decades has only influenced more and more people into ditching their careers and all their possession for a year or two in order to travel the world and visit all their bucket list destinations.

how to plan a gap year

The definition of a gap year as stated by Urban Dictionary states, “A year between graduating high school and beginning university/college typically spent travelling.” However as previously mentioned, in this day and age, a gap year is not just reserved for young adults but anyone who wants to take a breath of fresh air from their current working life!

Throughout this travel blog, we will provide you with the best gap year tips, destinations like Cabo Villas and plans that you should consider when planning a gap year to travel the world. Not to mention, these tips and tricks aren't just written for young adults but for anyone who has the travel bug and is eager to visit the best travel destinations in the world.

Not only this but all our tips and tricks will be aimed and getting the best value for your money whilst on this trip of a lifetime so you can make the most of your money and time whilst on your gap year travelling from continent to continent and country to country!

Benefits of Taking a Gap Year

There are many different benefits and positives that many people will claim a gap year gives you and it is all very personal depending on your experience and the places that you visit whilst on this trip of a lifetime.

One of the main benefits of a gap year, no matter where you travel to is the cultural immersion of travelling to different places and discovering the different cultures for the first time. It is something that you cannot find that feeling from in any other activity but travel. By enriching your experiences and making friends with different people on the globe, it cannot only expand and broaden your world views but also give you new perspectives and thoughts on your own life and personal experiences.

how to plan a gap year

Another positive benefit of taking a gap year to travel the world is the personal growth and development you will get from it. Not only will you become a more well-rounded person but it will also give you time to develop and think in your own space at your own time, no matter what point you have reached in your life. It will help you learn more about yourself, especially if you are independently travelling, and offer you a chance to reflect on your next move in life after the gap year passes.

The final benefit is the rest and relaxation aspect of the gap year and taking a gap year it gives you a chance to reset and get away from the whirlwind which can be life and work. It provides you with a great opportunity to unwind and recharge so you can focus even harder on your next moves when you get back to your career, business, family or studies.

How to plan a gap year

Planning a gap year is one of the hardest parts of the whole journey as you need to consider budgets, accommodation, food, activities and logistics of the whole trip and how it will work. Not to mention unforeseen circumstances such as delays and deciding to stay or leave different destinations quicker than planned. It's all part of the fun and can be considerably harder if you are planning the trip with other people rather than independently.

how to plan a gap year

The best way to plan a gap year is to follow the plan that we have set out below:

  1. Decide your budget and save up!
  2. Choose the destinations you want to travel to and research where you want to visit.
  3. Plan a rough itinerary of all the top locations you want to visit and for how long.
  4. Book your flights scheduled around your itinerary plan.
  5. Research and plan what places you are going to stay so you can work out the cost of things.
  6. Budget for food, transportation, activities and any miscellaneous things.
  7. Purchase effective travel insurance that covers illness, injury and unforeseen circumstances.
  8. Pack your bags and let the adventure begin!

The Best Gap Year Destinations

Some of the best gap year destinations that we suggest you need to visit, are not only beautiful and incredible destinations but also ideal to plan a whole trip around that are great value for money and aren't too pricey for people who are looking to stick with a budget. Some of the best gap year destinations we recommend for people of any age are the following places:

  • Thailand: It offers an affordable and cheap holiday destination with various different destinations and islands that you can visit. It has beautiful beaches, cheap accommodation and food plus a rich Asian culture and incredible nature.
  • Australia: Offers a wide range of activities from surfing to hiking and exploring the outback and city life.
  • Costa Rica: It's a safe and eco-friendly country with a lot of natural beauty spots, outdoor activities and lots of volunteering opportunities that provide free accommodation in return for work and labour.

Wrap Up: How to Plan a Gap Year

Overall, a gap year is a great choice for anyone of any age who is looking to destress and unwind from the daily stresses of life. In addition to this, it is great for personal development, reflection and deciding how you next want to proceed with your life, all whilst getting the joys of embracing and experiencing different cultures and destinations you may only have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit.

What about you, are you planning to have a gap year? Feel free to share any tips & advice below! P.S.: If you're interested in a way of travelling and getting accommodation cheaply, you might wanna check out house sitting. was kind enough to provide us and our readers with a 10% discount, feel free to click on the link to use it :)

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