Which Countries Are The Best For Digital Nomads?

best countries for digital nomads

The term ‘digital nomad’ has been somewhat of a buzzword in the travel world for some time, but only in the last decade or so has it caught wind in the mainstream. With new technological advancements – and with the widespread adoption of cloud collaboration tools – working from abroad has become much more possible. This has created a new wave of freelance nomads, combining the joys of travel with an average working week. Old hands at this lifestyle have already figured out where they work best – but for the newbies, which countries are the best to work from?

The Rising Popularity of Working Abroad

Online printer company Instantprint recently published a report on the relatively new phenomenon, including some key statistics relating to the rising popularity of working abroad. The report focused on ‘workcations’, a more accessible version of digital nomadism wherein salaried employees work and travel for limited periods of time. A study of 2,000 workers in the UK found that nearly half of all employees would take the opportunity if allowed by their employer. Mental health benefits were a factor for 40% of those surveyed, and a fifth of respondents thought they might be more productive to boot.

Choosing the Best Country to Work From

instantprint also went to the trouble of ranking the best countries in the world for working abroad – but we’ll get to the top three shortly. Before we look at instantprint’s findings, it’s important to consider the major factors that play into choosing such a country. While it is certainly tempting to base a decision like this entirely off factors like climate and culture, there are some less glamorous variables at play.

top countries for digital nomads

For starters, “digital” is a key part of digital nomadism for good reason. The lifestyle necessarily relies on the internet, making a strong internet connection a vital – even non-negotiable – quality. For this reason, remote or developing locations with less-than-ideal internet speeds are no good. Safety is another crucial consideration, in a few different ways. Areas with high crime rates might mean a higher risk of theft or injury, while solo digital nomad trips to remote regions could see you get lost or stranded. Additionally, choose a country where there are banks suitable for digital nomads.

The Best Countries for Digital Nomads

Perhaps most essential of all, there are visa requirements to bear in mind. Working abroad is legally complex, even if functionally simple; some countries may effectively prohibit digital nomadism on account of tax issues. A visa not only has to allow you entry, but also the legal framework to work – and can cost dearly as a result. So without any further ado, here are the top three countries for digital nomads:

#1. Georgia

According to instantprint’s report, Georgia is the single best place in the world for digital nomads to live and work. A combination of extremely low crime rate, extremely low cost of living, and usable internet speeds saw it atop the leaderboard; it also offers a free 12-month visa to make initial logistics all the easier.

#2. Romania

Romania came second on the list, despite its surprisingly high internet speeds which would make working life much easier for digital nomads. A high crime rate serves to slightly underscore its low cost of living and ease of entry.

#3. Czech Republic

Third on the list is the Czech Republic, which is only let down by a relatively high cost of living. That cost of living could be justified by its deep veins of culture, though!

What about you, which countries have you lived in as a digital nomad? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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