A Guide to the Maldives' Most Idyllic Beaches

The Maldives has arguably some of the best beaches in the world. It’s one of the island's most unique selling points. Whether you want to stay and enjoy the amenities of your stunning resort or you want to venture out, we recommend immersing yourself in the natural landscape by exploring as many of the beaches as you can.

A Guide to the Maldives' Most Idyllic Beaches

To help you to prioritise which beaches to visit first, we've composed this helpful guide, including our top four picks for the most idyllic beaches in the Maldives that need to be at the top of your ‘must go to’ list.

#1. Mudhdhoo Beach

It’s impossible to make a list of the best beaches to visit in the Maldives without including Mudhdhoo. Whilst it’s gorgeous in the day, if you’re looking for a unique experience, then you need to visit this beach at night. This area is notorious for its hospitality to tiny living organisms, and it really comes to life after dark. Millions of plankton wash up onto the shore, giving off a bioluminescent glow that creates an illusion of a starry sky and an otherworldly experience. Evening strolls don’t get much more magical than this!

#2. Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru

If you like to look at pictures of the Maldives on social media, then you’ve probably seen the Banyan Tree at Vabbinfaru beach. It’s a popular destination for many and its silk sands and beautiful, long-stretching coastline are a few of the many reasons why.

It’s the perfect place for those who like adventure and want to explore more of the natural landscape as it is an excellent snorkelling destination. The fabulous coral reef offers a great experience with Vabbinfaru’s marine life; pufferfish, turtles and even small sharks all bless this beautiful beach’s coast. Bask in the sun and relax on the beach or even try some beach yoga!

#3. Maafushi Island

Time at the beach in the Maldives doesn’t always look the conventional way you would imagine for your holiday. The island takes a more conservative approach when it comes to what is appropriate to wear for leisure and beach wear. Bikinis are uncommon on most of the island’s beaches – except for at Maafushi.

Known as ‘bikini beach’ this certain part of the coast gives you the freedom to wear what you please. However, it does sacrifice its seclusion as a result. For those that prefer a more buzzing environment, the atmosphere here would be perfect and it’s much more price-conscious.

#4. Fulhadhoo Island

If you prefer to have a quiet holiday and want to completely escape from the rest of the world, then this paradise beach is the one for you. The white sandy beaches of Fulhadhoo Island offer secluded, end-of-the-Earth type attributes that will charm anyone looking for a true paradise escapes into clear relaxation and tranquillity.

It’s miles away from the crowds and its sleepy, organic environment offers a relaxing haven for visitors to enjoy and bask in its idyllic scenery. Facilities are few and far between but it’s a fair price for the natural culture you’re able to embrace as you immerse yourself in the locals catching fish around you.

Which of these idyllic beaches in the Maldives is first on your must-visit list?

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