The 12 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in South America

best places to visit in south america

We wrote about Middle America (Mexico) recently, about why and how much we want to go there... today's post is about going even further south! Suppose you plan to travel on your next vacation to be wowed and have fun. In that case, it's worth remembering that South America has incredible destinations capable of surprising the most demanding tourists!

12 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in South America

If money is tight, but the desire to travel is blatant, there is another very important piece of news: in the Latin lands, there are several options for low-cost and easily accessible destinations, some of which are even possible to travel by bus. Want to know what they are? Then check out the list below and how to plan a vacation to these locations! Without wasting much of your time, here are the top seven attractions in South America:

#1. Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Buenos Aires is one of the favourite destinations for Brazilians, as it offers the best in a big city: good food, historic sights, bars, clubs, and restaurants for all tastes, all for a low cost.

top destinations to visit in south america

Flights depart directly from São Paulo to the capital, and you can bet that you will return from this trip taking the risk of taking some tango steps.

#2. Santiago, Chile 

The Chilean capital is one of South America's 10 most visited destinations, and of course, it could not be missing from this list. Tourists can discover historic buildings, charming wineries, irresistible landscapes, and dozens of incredible places that offer the best view of the Andes Mountains.

#3. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil 

One of the most beautiful paradise islands in our country is the perfect destination for those who can't do without a good beach. Furthermore, Fernando de Noronha, in Pernambuco, offers its controlled number of visitors an unparalleled immersion in nature.

#4. Quito, Ecuador 

The capital of Ecuador is a low-cost destination that attracts two types of tourists: those who prefer to know cultural and historical attractions and those who seek greater contact with local nature.

best vacation destinations in south america

Andean volcanoes surround Quito, and its well-preserved construction has Hispanic, Italian, Arab, Flamenco, and pre-Columbian indigenous references. To enter the country, it is necessary to present the International Certificate against Yellow Fever.

#5. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia 

If your trip to La Paz is already booked, be sure to include Salar de Uyuni, in the southwest of the country, on your route. It is the largest salt desert in the world, with its imposing volcanoes, friendly llamas, curious attractions, and unusual accommodations.

#6. Ushuaia, Argentina 

Ushuaia can even be considered "the end of the world," but the end of the world has nothing! There you can enjoy the snow, ski, discover rural landscapes, historical museums, and even shop in the tax-free zone.

#7. Machu Picchu, Peru 

Known as "the lost city of the Incas," Machu Picchu was elected as one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Its historical and cultural background is of enormous importance to Peru and the world.

top places to visit in south america

Its construction was made on top of a mountain at almost 2400 meters above sea level, blending in with the beauty of the surroundings. To get there, it is necessary to take a flight to Cusco from Lima and then take two train trips (Cusco – Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu).

#8. Maragogi, Brazil 

In addition to enjoying beautiful beaches with warm and calm waters, in Maragogi, you can still enjoy good regional food, visit some ruins and spend the best days staying at one of the resorts in the region. To get there, you have two options: Zumbi dos Palmares Airport in Maceió (Alagoas), or Guararapes International Airport, in Recife.

#9. Serra Gaúcha, Brazil 

In this busy tourist hub of Rio Grande do Sul, you will have the opportunity to discover three regions with different characteristics: the Italian colonisation, formed by the cities of Farroupilha, Carlos Barbosa, Garibaldi, Bento Gonçalves, Flores da Cunha and Caxias do Sul.

top tourist attractions in south america

The Region of Hortênsias, with strong German influence, was formed by the cities of Gramado, Canela, and Nova Petrópolis. Finally, the region of Rio Grande do Sul, has the cities of Bom Jesus, São Francisco de Paula, and São José dos Ausentes. You can see that on this trip, you will have a lot to discover, right?

#10. Cusco, Peru 

The ancient capital of the Inca Empire can offer much more than just a ticket to Machu Picchu. Its architecture has that unique charm, which mixes Inca and Spanish references, and several historical attractions that enrich your trip with culture and knowledge.

#11. Nazca, Peru 

For many years, the emergence of the Nazca lines was a mystery, even speculating that it was some kind of communication between extraterrestrials and Earth.

most popular tourist attractions in south america

Of course, many studies were done, and it was found that the Lines and Geoglyphs were produced by ancient civilizations that passed through and placed the small town on the country's tourist route.

#12. Salta, Argentina 

Salta, a dry and mountainous valley in Northwest Argentina, is still little explored by tourists. The place also has preserved historic architecture, museums that narrate the trajectory of the city's development, tours of renowned wineries, highly praised bars, and restaurants.

Wrap Up: Top 12 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in South America

There are many tourist attractions in South America, so don't limit your options to those mentioned in this content. However, the places mentioned are bound to turn up many tourists' interest, which is why they are among the top tourist attractions in South America.

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