Tips for First-Time Trip to Gatlinburg

It is natural to want to familiarise yourself with a location when you visit it for the first time. You may feel curious about exploring every nook and cranny and also checking out popular attractions your tourist destination offers.

Tips For First-Time Trip To Gatlinburg

So if you're new to Gatlinburg and want to make the most of your trip in the south, there is much for you to do. Gatlinburg is the gateway to the Smokys and a famous tourist town. But what makes this area loved among tourists, and how do you get around town without getting confused by the crowds? Here's what you need to do:

#1. Book a comfortable lodging!

Whenever you visit a new location, book comfortable accommodation for yourself. As a result, you give yourself a cozy space to rest when you're done exploring the town for the day. Gatlinburg has many hotels for you to choose from. But if you're looking for a recommendation, try the Anakeesta hotels and get a room immediately. Anakeesta is located in the middle of Gatlinburg towards the mountaintops. Apart from giving you a breathtaking view of the Smokys from your room, you can also check out their local park.

Admission to the Anakeesta provides access to its regional park. It lets you ride along the scenery on the gondola or the ridge rambler. You can also go for a shopping trip in the firefly village. The hotel is well-stocked, with all the amenities you need, including an indoor swimming pool. You can also get a relaxing massage at the spa and enjoy many restful nights in the hotel's fluffy beds.

#2. Understand that Gatlinburg's weather is unpredictable

Packing according to the season is an integral part of your trip. But this is not easy in a place like Gatlinburg, where the town experiences all four seasons and frequently goes through an unpredictable weather pattern. If it is sunny in the morning, you may have clouds followed by a light shower of rain in the afternoon - therefore, you need to pack according to this strange weather. During the summer, the temperature can skyrocket, dropping dangerously low in the winter. Hence, while packing, read the forecast, keep your rain boots and coats and avoid all clothing that traps moisture. If you are going in the summer, you can keep your shorts, tank tops, and half-sleeved shirts, but be sure you stock up on sunscreen and have a cap at hand.

On the other hand, during the winter, pack your warmest clothing, have woolen socks ready, and wrap a scarf around your neck. Your footwear is also crucial for your trip. Gatlinburg requires you to travel on foot immensely. This can injure your feet, so take shoes built for distance and have comfortable memory foam to cushion your feet.

#3. Dine in the local restaurants!

You may be tempted to indulge in well-known American franchises like Five Guys, especially in a new town. But don't do that. Gatlinburg has many delicious local cuisines to sink your teeth into, and your meals will leave a delightful aftermath in your mouth. It would help if you tried eating at a place like the Three Jimmy's. This restaurant is known for its fresh homemade meals that never disappoint.

Three Jimmy also has a collection of artisan pizzas that will make you forget about any other BBQ meal you may have had. The ambiance is also very homely, and the restaurant is incredibly spacious, giving you enough room to settle in and peacefully have your meal.

#4. Go to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Gatlinburg is close to the Great Smoky National Park. This is an impressive piece of land that stretches over 500,000 acres. The Smokies is known for its densely packed forest, natural landmarks, fauna, and flora. You can't miss visiting the land that attracts thousands of tourists annually. Your first step into this park will leave you breathless. The picturesque location before you deserves to be captured and stored in your album. But you should buy a map or use your phone's GPS to navigate the vicinity. There are more than 800 miles of trial, and you can easily get lost. While hiking, pack all your supplies, including food and water, and follow one route instead of constantly switching paths.

If you come across wildlife, don't panic, but at the same time, don't attempt to go near it. The Smokys is home to about 1,000 bears and other wild animals like deer and bobcats. While they mostly stay away from civilisation, you can cross paths with them occasionally. It is illegal if you attempt to get closer to a wild animal or search one out. According to park regulations, approaching 150 feet of a bear is not allowed and may get subjected to a fine. Apart from hiking, you can also go Zip lining, water rafting, and your first helicopter ride. This park is functional all year round but comes around August if you want to witness the fall foliage.

Wrap Up:  Tips For Your First-Time Trip To Gatlinburg

There is a certain charm attached to being a new explorer in town. Whether you are a traveling enthusiast or looking for a quick retreat, don't hesitate to try locations you have never visited. Always begin your journey by making comfortable living arrangements for yourself. After all, you will need a warm bed and fluffy pillows to come back to after a tiring day. You may want to familiarise yourself with the local cuisine and dine on some of the finest smoked BBQ. Also, ensure you are ready to tackle Gatling burg's strange weather patterns and pack your clothing accordingly. One of the most important steps you need to make while on this side of Tennessee is going to the Smoky Mountains. This is home to some of the most spectacular attractions, plants, and animals you must witness at least once in your life.

What about you, have you ever been to Gatlinburg? Feel free to share any of your own tips & tricks below!

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