3 Reasons to Visit Oman: Salalah, Nizwa and Wahiba Sands

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We have been to the United Arab Emirates - one of the bordering countries is Oman, a place we've been wanting to visit for a while now! Oman, it might not be the first place that springs to mind when you're thinking about bucket-list destinations, but in my opinion that is a crying shame. Why? Because Oman has so much to offer! From nature to cities and everything in between. Let's explore, shall we?

Wait... How Do I Get To Oman?

First, how do you even get to Oman? Although I usually recommend bus, train, car and even boat over flying, when it comes to the Middle East things are a bit different. Here, I recommend flying. Salam Air is Oman's first low-cost carrier. They fly to around seventeen destinations in the Middle East, Africa and even Asia! Other benefits include seats with extra legroom (in economy class) and they also offer meals.

#1. Salalah

Right at the top of my reasons to visit Oman is Salalah. Salalah is a city situated right on the coast (kind of near Yemen). And the coast is why I want to visit: they have it all there from the ocean, of course, but also, somewhat surprisingly, lush, green vegetation.
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Yes! Despite the city having that classic beautiful Middle Eastern feel to it, the vegetation just inland is like something out of Europe. Or Hawaii. Or somewhere else green as can be. Thanks to this, they grow coconuts, bananas, papayas and even frankincense - in fact, this is where most frankincense incense comes from! Additional bonus to Salalahs: camels.

#2. Nizwa

Circulating back to those classic Middle Eastern cities and we have Nizwa. Nizwa is an ancient city with winding streets and beautiful architecture around every corner. An absolute must-see in Nizwa is Nizwa Fort.

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It was built in the 1600s but has a base structure that goes back to the 12th century. You don't get history like this in the USA! Nizwa is located in the Northern part of Oman and is famous for its delicious dates.

#3. Wahiba Sands

Is any trip to the Middle East complete without a trip to the desert? In my humble opinion, no, and Wahiba Sands are some of the most beautiful on the planet. You can of course ride a camel there, I personally wouldn't because I'm vegan and I don't think it's fair to use animals (consent is cool!)

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But I wouldn't judge you if you did (it used to be one of my dreams after all). Back to Wahiba Sands, this desert is 12,500 square kilometres which is bigger than Wales!

Wrap Up: 3 Reasons To Visit Oman

So there you have it, our three main reasons to visit Oman. One thing I'm yet to mention is that Oman is an Islamic country, which in my experience has meant kind, generous and welcoming locals. Yet another reason to visit Oman! Hopefully there was something in this blog post that tickled your fancy, let me know if not, I'm happy to help - and not just help convince you to go to Oman, but convince you to go everywhere! See this planet whilst you still can :)

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