Seven Tips to Plan a Mountain Getaway: Activities, Packing and Guides

An escape from reality or taking some time off to unwind is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Be it a day off or a trip to parts unknown, making time for your mental and physical well-being should be of utmost importance. Both nature and traveling are equivalent to therapy, if not better. These are the best ways to get your much-needed peace of mind and also give you a chance to reconnect with Mother Nature, which everyone should do from time to time.

Seven Tips To Plan A Mountain Getaway

As you may have noticed, people around you also take some time off. They either indulge themselves in their hobbies during their leisure time or try out new things that are likely to be a source of entertainment. These can include instant activities like cycling or sightseeing to ones requiring planning, such as trekking, mountaineering, and traveling. In any case, prepping the right way is an absolute must. To help you with that, here are some tips for planning the ideal mountain getaway.

#1. Pick a place to crash!

Choosing your temporary abode can allow you to be relaxed before you start your vacation. You could either book a cabin according to your preference. If you plan on heading out on a mountaineering trip to Murphy, North Carolina, you can find some of the best cabin rentals in NC to crash into. A well-maintained lodge that caters to your taste and meets the highest hygiene standards is only bound to attract customers. In fact, most popular mountain towns have such rentals available. Use Google to find something you like.

#2. Pre-pick your destinations and activities!

If you have a clear-cut plan, you will free yourself of unsolicited stress and worries. If you're on a short trip, doing so will be even more fruitful. Choosing the places you want to visit can help you save more time than you think as you will know where to go, how, and through which mode of transport. If you love stargazing, find the perfect spot to do so.

North Carolina has one of the best mountain ranges where you can find the best lodging alongside the best views in the range. If camping has been on your bucket list, find the ideal spot for camping. Do some extensive research, ask around, and go through reviews and recommendations online - don't stop digging!

#3. Pack wisely!

Packing for a trip is undoubtedly the most common problem amongst all travelers. Nothing is ever as big of a problem, nothing! Therefore, to avoid being a part of the enormous group of people that end up regretting packing wrongly, plan smartly. The weather conditions change drastically in mountainous areas because they are much closer to the clouds. One minute, you'll see the sun shine bright; the other, it will be raining cats and dogs.

Depending on the time of the year, be sure you pack accordingly. As visiting the mountain areas is not for the fainthearted, it is equally essential to gear up accordingly. Take all needed equipment, more importantly, the ones that will come in handy for your desired activities. Check the weather forecast and pack up the essentials. Overpacking is only going to be backbreaking - quite literally. Being in the mountains requires a lot of walking, whether or not you like it. Hence, only carry what you need. Browse the web to find out what and what not to pack.

#4. Avoid the hassle, hire a mountain guide!

Despite pre-planning, many places in the parts unknown will not be on any map, website, or social media group. These places you will have to discover for yourself. If you're lucky enough, you might stumble upon them. These places cannot be pinpointed or found on the map. Although, a local or someone who's been in the region long enough to know the best spots will always have the upper hand over a tourist. Where maps and the GPS fail, tour guides come into action. With their guidance and knowledge of the locals, you can explore places that are not part of your average itineraries and have a much better and more memorable experience, unlike most tourists. Since you are unaware of routes, you are likely to get stranded. With their help, you can go on long treks and do things people only have on their bucket lists until their demise.

#5. Be wary of altitude sickness and infections!

Being surrounded by mountains is not for the fainthearted as it can make many people feel claustrophobic and intimidated, which is normal. Mountains are frighteningly enormous. Of course, they will make you feel that way. These are just the psychological aspects. Lack of oxygen and consequently shortness of breath affect you physically.

Because the air becomes thinner as you go up, you are likely to have a headache, feel nauseous, and consequently become feeble. If you notice any of these symptoms or if they worsen, try getting as much rest as possible. Moreover, eating onions can help you overcome shortness of breath. Additionally, infections due to weather conditions are also a significant problem. Your skin, your respiratory system, and the infections your physical touch can prove to be lethal if not dealt with carefully.

#6. When nothing works, water does!

Water is perhaps the solution to all problems. Stay hydrated round the clock to avoid unexpected dehydration as you won't sweat much in cold weather conditions.

#7. Try to go green while you're exploring what's left of it!

Since you are going to explore the beauty that is untouched and untampered with, consider adding to it or at least maintaining it. Focus heavily on reducing your carbon footprint; it will go a long way. Use biodegradable and reusable items to avoid littering. Avoid any form of vandalism as well, regardless of how small it may be. Tinkering with natural beauty only has an adverse effect.

Wrap Up: Seven Tips To Plan A Mountain Getaway

A trip to the mountains can be better than you imagine. You can find your lost self or unwind in its true meaning in the serenity and tranquillity. The tips mentioned above should help you achieve that by easing the process. Safe travels!

What about you, what are your tips for a successful mountain getaway? Feel free to share any advice below!

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