An Insight Guide To Climbing The Rwenzori Mountains

The Rwenzori Mountains are located on the borders of Uganda & the Democratic Republic of Congo although unique climbing expeditions are enjoyed using the Uganda side. Planning a Uganda Safari is a unique way to book your Rwenzori Mountaineering tour with two companies that offer Rwenzori climbing treks.

Facts About The Rwenzori Mountains

The Rwenzori Mountains, also known as the 'Mountains of the Moon', have a celebrated beauty, wrapped almost perpetually in mist, having a seducing creepy quality that led to many wondrous tales about them through the ages. It offers a stunning view of the Ugandan great lakes within its valleys surrounded with flora and fauna and changing vegetation on every stage of climbing, less crowded unlike other trekking places in the world.

The Rwenzori Mountains offer a real experience of the whispers of the wild. The mountain is divided into six mountain ranges with bisected green valleys making it an adventurous mountain, the highest peak, known as Margherita covering a distance of about 120 kilometres.

The Accessibility of the Park

The Rwenzori Mountains are more accessible in Uganda than in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda's tourism has been developing for over a decade and credit has to be given to the Uganda Wildlife Authority for the conservation of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The development of the roads has increased the accessibility of the park for tourists to enjoy Rwenzori Mountaineering as it takes a 9-hour drive from Kampala, covering a distance of 440 kilometres from the city through the Fort Portal highway, west of Kasese.

There are many car rental companies that offer discounted transfers from Kampala to Kasese which include the local company, Self Drive Uganda Limited, which has reliable 4x4 land cruisers. Alternatively, there are flights from Entebbe to Kasese and this is the luxurious way to arrive to Rwenzori Mountains National park where the local Safari guide will pick you up and transfer you to the park for the start of your adventure in the Rwenzori Mountains. You can check with Aero Link Uganda Limited or Bar Aviation Limited but please note that a tour operator stands in a better position to get discounted flights to Kasese!

How Long Does It Take To Climb The Rwenzori Mountains?

The most complicated question to be answered by the Active African Vacations Reservations Department is the duration of the trek as it has many determinant factors like the speed of the traveler, group size, selected route and so on. Please note we do have a recommended number of days to stay on your Rwenzori Climbing!

In this article we will focus on both trials, that is, the Kilembe Trekking Trial which is managed by RTS (Rwenzori Trekking Services) with the recommended trek duration being 9 days with Rwenzori Mountaineering, these 9 days as explained by the local guide during our visit to Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Rwenzori Mountaineering Tour Summary Highlights

  • The starting point is Nyakalenjija to Nyabitata hut (spotting chimpanzees and blue monkeys).
  • Nyamuleji hut, experiencing the magnificent Mubuku River, Mount Speke and Mt Stanley and John Matte hut. 
  • Ascending to Mount Victoria and Speke to Scott Elliot, spending a night at Elena hut. 
  • Encountering Alexander peak covered with snow, experiencing the panoramic views of Margherita peak, descending to the magnificent Lake Kitandara and spending a night at Kitandara hut. 
  • Climbing Kitandara Lake to descend to striking fresh fields, passing in order to be able to see the vast plains of Congo, descending to Guy Yeomen hut after lunch. 
  • The next destination will move you along river Mubuku and the route nest to R Bujuku, to Nyabitaba hut where you will spend a night. 
  • The last return point is Nyakalenginja where the great adventure of Rwenzori Trekking ends and you will be picked up by the company guide and transferred to Equator Snow Safari Lodge for a relaxed night as you await to transfer back to Entebbe.

How Much Does It Cost To Climb The Rwenzori Mountains?

Unlike the gorilla trekking permits that have a fixed rate for watching, Rwenzori Trekking doesn't have a fixed price during the freedom of contract that exists. There are cheaper prices with Climbing Rwenzori Mountains and there are luxury treks to Rwenzori Mountains, all dependent on the route, the duration and the style of transportation used by the traveler. The lowest price for Rwenzori trekking is 1200$ for the 7 days, excluding hiking equipment and using the Rwenzori Central Circuit Route. The luxurious cost for Rwenzori Climbing is 1400$ (USD) for the 9 Days, with Rwenzori Trekking using the Rwenzori Trekking Services. However, please take note that whenever you add on a peak, that attracts a special extra payment of 150$. If interested in adding on gorilla trekking in Uganda for a unique Primate Safari watching after the Rwenzori Trekking, that is also possible, in which case the trip may hike up to 4000$ and even more if you plan to stay in luxury lodges like Buhoma Lodge.

Resource websites to visit when planning your Rwenzori trekking tours: Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Rwenzori Mountaineering Service and Rwenzori Expeditions.

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