Best Road Trips In Europe

A road trip is a great way to explore and a fun way to travel. You can often get a better feel for a place when travelling by road and it allows you to see highlights that many people miss. You are spoilt for choice for road trips in Europe and this post will look at a few of the best that are worth considering whether it is a solo trip or a trip with your family. You will need a reliable car for any road trip, so it is worth looking at a used Mercedes if you need an upgrade.

#1. Iceland Ring Road, Iceland

Iceland is known for its mesmerising natural beauty and the Iceland Ring Road will show you the best that the country has on an 825-mile trip circling the entire country. This will allow you to see imposing volcanoes, glacier lagoons, sandy beaches as well as visit the charming cities and towns with the capital of Reykjavik being a notable highlight with many attractions.

#2. Epirus, Greece

The Epirus Road trip allows you to discover a lesser-explored region of Greece and a hidden gem. Epirus is a relatively remote region of Greece but one with incredible natural beauty with the ability to discover sleepy traditional villages, winding mountain roads and hilltop monasteries.

There is no central road, which means that you have to take shorter roads, and this gives you the chance to see the great beauty between the inviting villages on this trip.

#3. Atlantic Road, Norway

Norway is another country with breathtaking and wild natural beauty that can be discovered on the Atlantic Road - an impressive feat of engineering considered by many to be the world’s most beautiful drive. The road allows you to drive right by the ocean edge connecting Averoy with mainland Norway via several small islands.

#4. Autobahn, Germany

The autobahn in Germany (as well as Austria and Switzerland) is a little different from other road trip experiences in that this is all about the road itself. It is a fun and quick way to reach your destinations a highway system stretching 8,197 miles and is known to be a thrilling driving experience.

Just be warned, the driving style is a little bit more aggressive here and you will want to read up on etiquette to ensure that you can quickly adapt.

#5. Northern Lakes, Italy

Northern Italy is world-famous for its stunning natural beauty (and climate) and this makes it the perfect places for a road trip. There are many incredible places to stop off along the way, including the legendary Lake Como, Cinque Terre and, of course, Venice.

This post should give you a few ideas for road trips in Europe that will give you an authentic and thrilling experience in your destination.

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