Popular Travel Destinations for Students

top student travel destinations

The first time I travelled without my parents or my school was when I was a student. I feel it's no exaggeration to say that I learned way more travelling to France, Ireland and Germany as a student than I did in my mathematics degree haha. Namely, because it inspired me to travel full-time after I finished my studies.

Top Travel Destinations For Students

Many students cannot imagine their lives without travelling. They are eager to explore new places and meet new people. Some young people feel they cannot live without new emotions brought by travelling. Unfortunately, it's not a simple task for students to pack their suitcases and book airline tickets. The majority of undergraduates experience a lack of spare time and money. Therefore, they must pick the optimal destinations that can offer them a ton of emotions without spending all their money. In case you're not an experienced student who doesn't know where to go to have an unforgettable vacation, scroll down below and read about popular travel destinations for undergraduates.

#1. Peru

It is a country that is located in the west of South America. It is a popular destination for students who want to experience many new emotions. It offers plenty of attractions in the form of diverse cultures, environments, and nature that students face when they visit the country. The country offers a perfect blend of affordability and great places to explore. There are a lot of Spanish settlements in cities, along with ancient constructions in the rainforests.

best travel destinations for college students

Unfortunately, it may not be affordable to explore the ancient constructions for students in Peru because of the expensive tours and fees visitors need to pay. However, the country offers plenty of attractions for those with tight budgets. The country's capital, Lima, is a popular destination among students. They can easily find cheap apartments and eateries in the city with many old Spanish colonial buildings. Also, the country is covered by rainforests. Therefore, students can easily drive out of the city to explore wild places full of great spots, dangerous animals, and weird plants. Despite the large number of interesting places that students can explore, they don't need to spend all their savings in the country.

#2. Cuba

It is a unique country that is located close to Florida. Therefore, it's cheap to reach it if you are from the USA. Cuba is an island that offers access to great beaches. Many learners who want to lay on a beach and forget about stressful days in college choose this country. Moreover, it is full of stunning buildings constructed by Spanish masters. Havana, Cuba's capital, is full of amazing places to visit. It offers a unique atmosphere and vibe of relaxation. Meanwhile, it is a very cheap country to visit. The complete isolation of the country and lack of natural resources led to poor social standards. Therefore, students can easily find affordable living in Cuba. Moreover, they can't spend a lot of money on local eateries, so they frequently choose the country as a great vacation destination. Don't forget to also check visa requirements for your destination ahead of time. For families planning a trip to Cuba, it's essential to find Cuba visa information online to ensure a smooth and hassle-free entry into this captivating Caribbean destination.

#3. Indonesia

Those who adore spending their vacations in remote locations choose Indonesia. It is a popular country that is located in Asia. It consists of many islands that have gorgeous beaches. Due to many amazing places to spend a vacation, the country is focused on tourism. As a student, you won't experience any issues with finding a cheap hotel and places to eat. The country's remote location is the only issue you may face when deciding to visit it.

best student travel destinations

Therefore, it's recommended to choose Indonesia as a location to spend a vacation only if you have plenty of spare time. Otherwise, you can pay for homework to free your schedule. By delegating your papers to skilled writers, you will be able to get plenty of spare time to spend an unforgettable weekend. Meanwhile, you will get top grades without any hassle.

#4. Portugal

A lot of undergraduates want to spend their vacations in Europe. Portugal is one of the top locations that offer the opportunity to spend a weekend in a European country without spending much money. If you book a flight a few months before your trip, you can get a great deal and save a lot of money. Moreover, Portugal is one of the best countries in Europe that has a long coastline. There are many great beaches, so learners can spend a lot of time lying on the beaches and swimming in the ocean.

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Moreover, the country is quite cheap compared to Spain, France, and other countries in Western Europe. There are a lot of great locations in Lisbon and Porto, the most popular cities in the country. Students can easily find cheap places to stay and eat in these cities. Moreover, they are famous for their nightlife. Undergraduates won't experience any problems finding nightclubs and pubs to spend their time with friends and forget about the stress caused by many challenging assignments.

#5. Hungary

It is a country that is located in Eastern Europe. It offers the opportunity to have a great trip to an old European city while keeping your budget safe from large expenditures. Students can easily find affordable hotels or dorms in Hungary. Moreover, it's not expensive to eat out in local eateries. Meanwhile, the country and its cities are perfect for sightseeing. There are a lot of medieval buildings and castles. Also, the country is famous for its unique pubs that have remarkable interiors and atmosphere. Therefore, a lot of students choose the country as the right destination when they decide to explore Europe and not spend all their savings.

Wrap Up: Top Student Travel Destinations

So there you have it, some of the top travel destinations for students from around the world! We're lucky enough to have visited Portugal, Indonesia & Hungary - looking forward to visiting South America soon! :) If you're interested in more, here's a video:

What about you, where did you travel as a student? Feel free to share any tips & advice below :)

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