5 Best Places to Go in Indiana If You're a Foodie

unique places to eat in indiana

We have visited states like California, Nevada and New York over the years. This time, we bring you a post not about the West or the East coast, but about a state in the North! The state of Indiana has a lot to offer, from family-friendly destinations like Conner Prairie and The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to fun-filled places like the Indiana Beach Amusement Park and White River Amphitheatre in Anderson.

5 Best Places to Go in Indiana If You're A Foodie

And what about if you’re a foodie? There are many unique places to eat in Indiana. Here are five of the best places to eat in Indiana if you love tasty food, good wine, and interesting beer.

#1 Indianapolis

As far as big cities go, Indianapolis is fairly small. The city is home to many fine restaurants and an active foodie scene, including six vegan restaurants. On Mass Ave, also known as The Block, you can find some of Indy’s best local eats.

vegan restaurants in indiana

This is also where you’ll find most of Indy’s museums, including The Children’s Museum and The IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art). Both are great places for all ages!

#2 Bloomington

While it may be a bit far from Chicago, Bloomington is home to some absolutely delicious restaurants that will have you wondering why you even thought about going up north.

places to go in indiana

These include USAmerican restaurants like Soul Juice which is a fancy restaurant, smoothie and juice bar that only serves cruelty free foods and drinks.

#3 Muncie

While it may not have national recognition for its restaurants, Muncie does have a few hidden gems. The best way to find these gems is by asking people you know who live there. If you’re friends with a person from Muncie, get them talking about their favourite restaurant and they’ll probably tell you why they love it and where exactly they like to go. One of these places should be worth visiting!

best restaurants in indiana

If you don’t have friends or family there, don’t worry. I'm your friend, and I highly recommend Sea Salt & Cinnamon - with baked goods so good you'll never want to leave! Food aside, this is a female LGBTQ+ owned place. Intersectionality for the win. With so many restaurants and things to do in Muncie there is something for the entire family.

#4 South Bend

Consistently ranked as one of the USA's top food cities, South Bend has no shortage of delicious eateries. Check out local favourites like Pinellia, where you can find great tofu teriyaki, smoked pepper seitan and vegan BBQ ribs; as well as my personal favourite - soy cutlet platter.

vegan restaurants in indiana

In the morning, head over to Chicory Cafe for great coffee and vegan options - or head there at night, sometimes there is music! With great food and good things to do in Bend, you will find something for the entire family.

#5 Evansville

If you’re looking for an urban destination with a ton of restaurants and bars, Evansville is your go-to spot. The city is right on one of Indiana’s largest rivers, making it easy to take part in some water activities as well as satisfy any cravings you might have while visiting.

vegan restaurants indiana usa

Stop by Flourish Plant-Based Eatery for beer, wine, Nashville hot 'chicken', BBQ 'cheddar' melts and 'fish' and chips.

Wrap Up: 5 Best Places to Go In Indiana If You're a Foodie

Looking for something to do in Indiana? There any many great options such as as the National Historical Park and many other great things to do. The vegan scene is absolutely thriving and the food is divine.

What about you, what are your favourite places in Indiana? Feel free to share with us below :)

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