Bathroom Option Guide for Van Lifers and Campers

campervan with bathroom

Camper vans are becoming increasingly popular. After years of Motorhome ownership, seasoned travelers are downsizing. Van lifers are taking to the highway and living in vans full-time for the first time. There's a lot to value about traveling in a camper van, and more and more people are starting to realize it.

Options For Toilets In A Camper Van

With several novice camper van travelers interested in giving the van life a try, specific typical questions keep cropping up. "Where is the loo?" is one of the most frequently asked questions. The truth is that there are a variety of options for providing a restroom in a restricted space like a camper van. The shower and the toilet are the two most important features of campervans with bathroom. A full washroom takes up a minimum of 30 square feet in a home. In a camper, 5 square feet would be quite a stretch! So, what are the several options for fitting a bathroom inside a camper van? Read on, to find out.

bathroom camper van

There are a few popular choices for using the bathroom in a camper van. Each solution has advantages and disadvantages when it pertains to ease of use and space usage. It's crucial to remember that using the washroom in your camper van will be less comfy than heading to the restroom at your home. As a result, most van campers only use their van restrooms when no public toilets are accessible or don't want to leave the vehicle. Here are the few common types of toilet that is ideal for camper vans:

The Composting Toilet

For camper vans, composting toilets are gradually becoming the most preferred alternative. As the name implies, composting fibers such as coco husks break down organic waste in these toilets.

small campervan with bathroom

Some composting toilets include two distinct holding tanks, one for urine and the other for feces. The urine section can be discarded and rinsed away regularly. When you use the loo for the second time, you add some fibers to the tank, and the organic waste is composted naturally. The contents of the holding tank can be emptied into a garbage bag and thrown away at garbage disposal.

Cassette Toilet

A cassette toilet, sometimes known as a cartridge toilet, is comparable to an RV lavatory but is more appropriate for van use. A cassette toilet is distinguished from regular campervans with a bathroom by the presence of a portable and removable holding tank. The tank can be taken apart and disposed of at dumping stations or public bathrooms.

campervan with bathroom

If you're going to the bathroom with a cassette toilet, you can add additives to the tank to help minimize the odor and break down organic matter.

The Humble Bucket

That's correct; a 5-gallon bucket with a cover that mimics a toilet seat is one of the most prevalent toilet alternatives in a camper van. (Like the ones you can see in Nomadland.) Liners are fitted into the bucket for quick cleaning and improved sanitation when going to the bathroom. Most van owners who have them only use them in emergencies and prefer to use public toilets or go outside. The advantages of this type of camper van toilet include using it in an emergency without taking up a lot of space inside your vehicle. Furthermore, at around $18, this is a highly cost-effective tool.

Summing Up: Bathroom Option Guide For Van Lifers And Campers

Showers and toilets are sometimes considered luxury elements in vans, and many van campers and lifers would not want to live without them. Every van dweller and camper should assess the necessities required to live a secure yet thrilling life in a van. This might or might not include a spot to attend nature's call in the privacy of your van.

What about you, what kind of bathroom did you have in mind for your dream camper van? Feel free to let us know below :)

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