Best Places to Stay in Stockholm Sweden

Looking for the best place to stay in Stockholm Sweden? Look no further, we've found two awesome hotels that we think you will love.

We stayed for one night at both Hotel At Six and Hobo - hotels completely different in some ways and similar in others. This is what we thought:

Both At Six and Hobo are in a great location. In fact they're in the same location, right next door to each other! - both super central and close to the sights, including old town:

They both have super nice and helpful staff and were flexible about check-in times: if the room was ready you could check-in early. 

Whilst they were similar in some ways, they differed in others, here's how: 


The decor at Six was dark, sensual and sexy (like Swedish people haha). The bed was the centre piece of the room, and boy what a bed! SO so comfy with gigantic pillows and soft sheets. 

There was a great view of Stockholm out of the window, you could see for miles!


I enjoyed everything about my stay at At Six, but my absolute favourite thing was the breakfast. It was insane. This may well be the best breakfast I've ever had at a hotel, they had so many vegan options which I wasn't expecting!! This includes, but wasn't limited to: fresh fruits, vegan yoghurts and milks, cereals, cooked breakfast - Mediterranean vegetables, vegan nut roast, roast potatoes and so much more. It was absolutely incredible! 


If the decor at At Six was typically Swedish in the sexy, sensual, dark way I think of Sweden; the decor at Hobo was typically Swedish in the other way I think of Sweden: wooden and at one with nature. It had an Ikea vibe, but better. I felt so comfortable and at home here, like it was my own house. 

The design of the room was super cool and with the wooden features and design of the bed it felt like we were glamping! Not something you expect in the middle of a capital city!

Dotted around the room were lots of quirky cool hipster items, from comic books to the best book ever about animal facts:

It didn't have a weasel, this was the best I could do. 

As soon as I entered the room I could tell they were conscious about the environment, from the large reusable toiletries:

(Lots of hotels offer small plastic toiletries which you use once and/or take with you, these an not environmentally friendly as they are used once and chucked. Having large reusable toiletry bottles is so much better). 

To the recycled pen:

And my suspicions (that they were environmentally friendly) were proved correct by this sign:

Yey for Hobo being environmentally friendly!


Everything at breakfast is sustainable, there weren't that many vegan options though (which are the only truly sustainable breakfast items hehe). However, we had been spoilt the day before with At Six's phenomenal vegan breakfast and we were there super early, so perhaps more options would be available a little bit later.

We didn't go hungry though, we had a delicious fresh open top sandwich, chia pudding, coffee and juice - a lot more than you get at some hotels! :)

We loved our stay at both hotels, but if we had to choose one which would it be? The staff were kind and polite at both Hobo and At Six, but if I had to give the edge to one?? I'd say the receptionists at Hobo but the breakfast staff at At Six. 

The decor was very different at the two hotels, we both liked both of them but Tanbay preferred dark sensual At Six and I preferred cheerful wooden Hobo. 

At Six definitely wins when it comes to breakfast, although Hobo still had a good breakfast. Hobo definitely wins when it comes to being environmental, although it wasn't like At Six were unenvironmental. 

Overall it's hard to say - I liked the vibe at Hobo more but the breakfast at At Six more - so it depends if you stay at hotels for vibes or breakfasts, let me know!

To book your own stay at Hotel At Six head on over to their website or find them on price comparision website Agoda

To book your own stay at Hobo head on over to their website or find them on price comparision website Agoda.

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited to both At Six and Hobo as guests but as always all opinions are our own, we would never recommend something we haven't personally tested and loved because that's uncool and we want to be cool. 

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