The Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur (Review): Best Anniversary Ever!

Looking for the perfect place in Kuala Lumpur to spend a romantic anniversary? Or maybe just looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate and recover from your jet-lag? The Sheraton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur is the perfect place for you. We stayed at the Sheraton for our 11 year anniversary, and this is what we thought:

1. The Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur: Our Room

We stayed in one of the Sheraton Club Suites on the 33rd floor with access to the Club Floor (highly recommended, more on that below).

Our suite was INCREDIBLE!! And so large! Complete with a bedroom, bathroom, walk in closet, living room and an extra bathroom.

There were two of everything: two TVs, two toilets, two showers and even two sinks!

We especially loved the bed - it was so gigantic - you could easily sleep across it!

It was also insanely comfortable and we loved that the pillows were different types (soft, hard).

What we loved the most about our room though, was the view:

Not only were we pretty high up, giving us an excellent view of the metropolis of Kuala Lumpur (and the mountains in the background):

We also had the awesome feature of... for want of a better description... a 90 degree angle view. By this I mean that we had the usual view from the front side of the hotel, but as our bedroom was on the corner edge of the hotel, we also got the view out of the side of the hotel too!

During our stay at the Sheraton, we enjoyed one of the best massages we've ever had in Asia, or indeed anywhere in the world, at the Mandara Spa. We both had an hours long Balinese massage and it was incredible. We shared a couple's room which was really nice too.

2. The Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur: Club Floor

We had access to the Club Floor which I highly recommend as it came with another amazing view and many perks including...


We loved breakfast on the Club Floor. There were plenty of vegan options, and pretty much anything you could ever fancy for breakfast: toast, cereal, cooked breakfast etc. Highlights for us included Marmite (my one true love) and some truly incredible olives.

High Tea

Served from 2pm-5pm High Tea was relaxing and refreshing. You can have tea (of course) or coffee, these were both great, but we highly recommend having the juice too - their orange juice is some of the best I've ever had, freshly squeezed and delicious. Along with your drinks you can try the little cakes and finger snacks - yum!

Happy Hour

From 5pm-8pm is happy hour(s) on the Club Floor. The perfect place to have a pre-dinner cocktail (or two), some snacks and to meet up with friends.

The snacks turned out to be more than enough for a whole meal. We started with the finger snacks and had some more incredible olives (a different type to the breakfast ones). There were also plenty of cooked, heavy 'snacks' - spring rolls, stuffed ricotta and so much more.

3. The Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur: Restaurants

Another great feature of the Sheraton are the incredible restaurants located actually in the hotel - no need to leave the building to have a truly incredible dining experience! We tried out two and this is what we thought:

Celestial Court: Chinese cuisine

First we tried Celestial Court which is an amazing Chinese restaurant. Upon hearing that we are vegan they brought us dish after dish of plant-based meals - each more delicious than the last.

We particularly loved the Kung Pao 'Chicken', the fried rice and the spring rolls:

Even if you don't end up staying at the Sheraton (even though I highly recommend you do), you must still make sure that you have a meal at the Celestial Court - it's amazing!

Villa Danieli: Italian food

We also tried out Villa Danieli which serves Italian food. Now, we've spent a lot of time in Italy and have very high standards when it comes to Italian food. In fact we often avoid Italian food unless it's actually in Italy! Luckily though, Villa Danieli passed our tests - the food and atmosphere there were 100% Italian.

Pretty much everything on the menu at Villa Danieli contains meat and/or fish. But they were really amazing at accommodating us - they created a fresh vegan friendly salad. Two awesome pasta dishes and to finish the most amazing dessert ever:

On the whole, we think that Asian food is a lot tastier than Western food (especially as most tasty Western food has cheese in it). But when it comes to desserts, the West wins hands down (even when you don't eat butter)!

4. The Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur: Location

The location of the Sheraton is great, it's in central Kuala Lumpur and all the great sites that KL has to offer can be reached via Grab or Uber. The Petronas Twin Towers are a must see - and as they are less than a ten minute drive away from the Sheraton they are very easy to get to.

A little bit further (20 minute drive) but still super close and worth seeing are the Batu Caves

As for Kuala Lumpur International airport, it's surprisingly far out of the city for some reason, but still only 50 minutes drive from the Sheraton. When getting round Kuala Lumpur, we don't recommend walking (it's way too hot). Public transport is okay depending on where you are going (there is actually a free city bus, but it's route is limited). Overall, we recommend either Grab or Uber for convenience.

We found that the prices of Grab and Uber varied slightly depending on where you are going - sometimes Grab was more expensive, sometimes it was Uber, though there was barely anything in it. So if you have the time check the price on both for each journey. All in all, the Sheraton is in the perfect location for exploring Kuala Lumpur, or simply getting to and from it from the airport.

Wrap Up: the Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Review

We absolutely loved our time at the Sheraton, they really do have everything you need under one roof (and more) to have a relaxing, enjoyable and memorable stay. We will definitely go back in the future and hope to see you there when we do! Book directly on their website, or find them on Also, we've made a video about our experiences in South-East Asia -- enjoy! :)

P.S.: We can also offer you a discount code for Uber: 67oml!

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