Hotel Review: Alisea Boutique Hotel

If you're looking for somewhere to stay in Krabi which is truly boutique and traditionally Thai, look no further than the Alisea Boutique HotelThe Alisea Boutique Hotel has it all: an infinity pool, balcony bathtubs and the most amazing private beach. We spent two nights at the Alisea Boutique Hotel, and this is what we thought!

1. Check In & Our Room

The first thing we noticed when we checked in was that the Alisea has style!! The check in area is spacious, with grand columns and lots of natural light. There is even a Koi pond! As we were shown up to our room, some of Alisea's more homely assets were pointed out to us: downstairs is a pool table, on the middle floor is a mini library and every night at 5pm a home cinema is set up for guests to enjoy. A true home away from home!

Like the rest of the hotel, our room was stylish and had a really homey feel. Our bed was gigantic, as was the shower. 

I can't stress how homey the room was though, perhaps it's because this room comes with an upstairs! Upstairs is an extra bed and a balcony. On the balcony is the most gigantic bath tub we've ever seen - definitely big enough for two.

Thanks to Aonang Cliff Beach Resort we've become addicted to balcony bath tubs - you can watch the sunset from the comfort of your room, whilst relaxing in the water... on that note: last, but certainly not least, is the infinity pool. Their pool has excellent views, especially at sunset! It also has really comfy sunbeds and more bean bag chairs. Your biggest problem here will be deciding whether to hang out at the infinity pool, in your bathtub or at the private beach! Make sure you make time for all three! 

2. Private Beach

If you watched daily vlog 24 the whole way through (we hope so!) you'll have seen Andamana beach club featured. This was one of our absolute favourite things about the Alisea: they have a private beach! This is located about 15 minutes drive from the hotel, and is insanely beautiful. 

The hotel provides a free shuttle to and fro every two hours. Once there, there are beach bean bags, hammocks, rope swings, normal swings; everything you need (and more) to hang out and have the most relaxing afternoon ever. This was actually our favourite beach in Thailand and we spent two perfect afternoons there. 

3. Umberto's & Breakfast at the Hotel

The best Thai street food in Krabi is a three minute walk from the Alisea Boutique hotel, and we recommend you go there for lunch. But for dinner, be prepared to have what is quite possibly the best pizza in Asia. Umberto's do the most incredible pizzas, and they are located on site! The pizza was just as good as pizzas we've had in Italy, and when we met the chef, we knew why (he's Italian). These pizzas were so good we actually had them two nights running!! The Alisea will even bring the pizza up to your room at no extra cost! Breakfast at the Alisea did not disappoint, either. They have a great selection: Thai breakfast, eggs, bacon, yoghurts, fruits, breads, cereals and even doughnuts! To see what we had, check out day 25:

5. Wrap Up: Alisea Boutique Hotel (Review)

We really LOVED our stay at the Alisea Boutique Hotel, it was everything we could have hoped for and more: the room was perfect, the staff were lovely, the food was delicious. Add the balcony bathtubs, deserted beaches and divine pizza in our room and there's nothing else we can call it except perfect. You must stay here when you visit Krabi!!! To book your room, head on over to Alisea Boutique's page. Give them a like on Facebook and follow them on Instagram too! And to keep up with all our own adventures, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, love us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel! For a full tour of our room, check out our Daily vlog, number 24:

Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of the Alisea Boutique Hotel, however, all opinions are our own, as always.  

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