Shangri La Singapore Valley Wing Review

Shangri la singapore valley wing

The Shangri La Singapore, is a luxury 5-star hotel which has consistently been voted as one of the best hotels, not just in Singapore, but in the whole world!

Set amidst fifteen acres, Shangri-La Singapore is known as Singapore's second Botanic Gardens and is perfect for tranquil exploration. The hotel also offers exceptional dining options at their award-winning Italian restaurant. 

We spent one opulent day and night at the Shangri La Singapore Valley Wing and this is our review: 

Shangrila Singapore Pick-Up Service Review

shangri la singapore

Before we'd even entered the Shangri La Singapore, we felt their luxury and superiority to other hotels, because they sent a Mercedes to pick us up. This car was equipped with internet and an iPad for our use.

Personalised check-in to Shangri-La Singapore

Our driver rang ahead to inform the Shangrila Singapore that we were on our way, so when we arrived at the Shangri La Singapore Valley Wing's private lobby, we were met immediately, given an orchid and taken straight up to our room. 

Check-in occurred in our room, which made it personal, efficient and private.

Shangri La Singapore Valley Wing Review 

shangri la singapore valley wing

Our room was perfect. The Shangri-La Singapore had contacted us in advance to ask our preference in pillows (contour, foam, bolster or buckwheat). Hence the bed was the comfiest we could have imagined. We also had a chandelier and another orchid. 

shangri la singapore reviews

shangri la singapore valley wing review

Our bathroom at the Shangri La Singapore Valley Wing was equipped with a gigantic shower (including a seat), a gigantic bathtub (with a tv at the end) and mood lighting! 

There was also a ginormous closet and safe. Our luggage was also there, I'm not sure how it got up there before us, but it was wonderful not to have to wait around for it.  

shangri la singapore valley wing review

There were complimentary fruit and chocolates in our room, along with everything non-alcoholic in the mini-fridge (i.e. the juices, cokes, sprites, teas, coffees). 

shangri la singapore valley wing review

shangri la singapore valley wing review

The desk in our Shangri La Singapore Valley Wing was grand and we even had our own printer. 

Shangri La Singapore Italian Restaurant

We tried out the Shangri La Singapore Italian Restaurant: The Waterfall.

This was by far the best meal we had in Asia, and actually one of the best meals we've ever had!

It started with an extensive choice of salads, cheeses and bread:

Shangri La Singapore Italian Restaurant

Shangri La Singapore Italian Restaurant the waterfall

the waterfall restaurant shangri la

Next up was the Waterfall's 'Stufato di Pesce' a.k.a their Signature Seafood Stew. This is a tomato based stew with lobster, prawns, clams, mussels and fish. It was the best we've ever tasted. 

shangri la italian restaurant

After that was the Tagliata di Manzo Rucola e Grana - i.e. premium beef cuts marinated with peppers, served with rocket and parmesan. It was the most tender, the delicious beef I think we've ever had. We loved it!

shangri la singapore italian restaurant reviews

If we weren't spoilt enough, next up was dessert:

shangri la singapore italian restaurant

There was a lot of choices, but we decided on some cute little cheesecakes, of course, they were delicious too. 

We had lunch with the Director of Communications and the Assistant Communications Manager, who were completely lovely. 

After lunch at the Shangri La Singapore Italian Restaurant they gave us a tour of the Shangri-La Singapore:

Shangri La Singapore Garden Wing

shangri la singapore reviews

Our tour started with the Shangri La Singapore Garden Wing, which was very lush and serene. 

Shangri la singapore garden wing

The Shangri-La Singapore Garden Wing has a koi pond, complete with koi fish and three turtles!  

Shangri la singapore garden wing review

It truly was a tropical sanctuary. 

Each Shangri La Garden Wing room comes with a private balcony and a marble clad bathroom. 

Shangri La Singapore Tower Wing

Shangri La Singapore Tower Wing review

Next on our tour was Shangri La Singapore Tower Wing, which, built in 1971, was the original section of the building. It has the most beautiful chandeliers, a grand sweeping staircase and massive columns of marble.

shangri la singapore review

The Orchids

shangri la singapore review

On our tour, we noticed more and more orchids. Shangrila Singapore celebrate orchids by dotting them all over the hotel. They have even bred unique orchids! 

The one we were presented on arrival is known as 'Dendrobium by Shangri La Singapore'. It's a long-lasting speciality orchid whose mother plant is Dendrobium by Paolo Sunshine and whose father plant is Dendrobium Pink Spider - a Singaporean hybrid. The Dendrobium by Shangri-La Singapore was named in commemoration of Shangrila Singapore's 35th anniversary. We were honoured to have been given something so special. 

The Shangri La Singapore swimming pool review

shangri la singapore reviews

After our tour, we tried out the swimming pool which has something that no other pool we've come across in Asia has: a deep end. Adjacent to it was a hot jacuzzi. We spent a good hour and a half here, it was wonderful. 

Shangri La Singapore Valley Wing Review
shangri la singapore valley wing review

We were staying in the Shangri La Singapore Valley Wing and on our tour we learnt that this was the last to be built (in 1985). There were many privileges to be had by staying here; Shangri La Singapore Valley Wing guests can enjoy:
  • Complimentary breakfast in the summit wing
  • Complimentary champagne, cocktails, wines, tea and coffee at the Champagne Bar
  • Professional butlers who provide assistance to Valley Wing guests 

Shangrila Singapore High tea Review

shangri la singapore high tea review

Shangri La Singapore Valley Wing High Tea is served daily between 2pm and 5pm. We decided to be a bit unconventional and go for a herbal tea, which was served from the most beautiful teapot.

shangri la singapore high tea

It was accompanied by a darling plate of sandwiches and cakes. It was the perfect afternoon snack.

Shangri-La Singapore Valley Wing Champagne and canapés 

shangri la singapore valley wing

Served between 5pm and 7pm, the canapés were another delectable highlight. Each canapé was a little bite of heaven and the champagne that was served with them was divine. This was the highlight of our stay at the Shangri La Singapore, it was a real delight to sit in the grand lobby, sip champagne and listen to the incredible harp player - she played a mixture of classics and current chart toppers, including what I am pretty sure was Timber by Kesha. 

Nearby attractions to Shangrila Singapore

Shangri-La Singapore is situated in close proximity to the infamous Orchard Road. However, it rained an awful lot when we were at the Shangri La Singapore so we spent a whole 24 hours on site. We were secretly very pleased about this. 

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Conclusion Shangri La Singapore Valley Wing Review

All in all, this was the absolute highlight of our first month in South East Asia. Everything, from the food to the service, to the rooms was incredible and we had an unforgettable experience. We highly recommend that you visit Shangri La  Singapore when you're in Singapore, it's absolutely perfect. 

This is where the legend of Shangri La Singapore was born, and we hope to visit many more of their wonderful hotels in the future. 

For more information, make sure to visit Shangri La Singapore's own website, in particular, their page on the Shangri La Singapore Valley Wing (where we stayed). Or find cheaper rates on

For more information on our stay, check out our daily Vlog, number 28:

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Disclaimer: Travelling Weasels were invited as guests of Shangri La Singapore, but as always all opinions are our own. Staying at the Shangri La Singapore is one of our favourite travel highlights and we hope you enjoy your stay there as much as we did. 

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