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Best Luxury Hotels in Azores Portugal

Are you planning your dream holiday to the beautiful Azores islands and looking for the most luxurious hotels to stay in? Perhaps you're planning a special anniversary or even your honeymoon. Well you've come to the right place. Here is a list of the best luxury hotels in the Azores Portugal: 

Best Luxury Hotels in the Azores, Portugal

Pedros do Mar Resort and Spa

Pedros do Mar is a luxury resort and spa in Ponta Delgada, complete with spa and quite possibly the most beautiful outdoor pool on the island.

Although you're located in one of the best spots on the island, you may not want to leave the hotel: with indoor spa treatments, tennis courts, indoor and outdoors pools there's something for everyone! 

Cost: Prices from £141

Terra Nosta Garden Hotel

Back to Sao Miguel Island, the most luxurious hotel near Furnas is Terra Nosta

Furnas is an absolute must for anyone and everyone visiting the Azores - there are natural volcanic springs for bathing, cooking and more.

Terra Nosta is the perfect place to visit Furnas from, it's so close that they can actually incorporate some of the natural springs of Furnas into the hotel. Furthermore, they have a spa, indoor and outdoor pools and more.

Cost: From £131


For some (aka most), true luxury can only be had when there are no kids around. So for an adult-only guesthouse with outdoor pool and bar, head to Pocinhobay.

Pocinhobay hotel is situated on Pico, which has the highest volcanic mountain of all the Azores Islands. Mount Pico dominates the skyline and is just 12 miles from Pocinhobay.

Pocinhobay also features an outdoor pool, rooftop terrace and a bar.

Cost: From £171 per night.

Azor Hotel

Complete with beautiful outdoor pool, delicious buffet breakfast and waterfront views the Azor is one of the most luxurious hotels in the Azores. Built in 2016, the Azor is extremely modern and even has its own casino! This is luxury in the form of glamour and modernity. 

It's in a prime location in the Azores: not only is it on the main island, Sao Miguel, it's also in the main city: Ponta Delgada. This is the place to be if you want to go dolphin and whale watching in the Azores. 

Cost: From £150 per night

Santa Barbara Eco-Beach Resort

For those looking for luxury in the form of relaxation, nature and serenity, look no further than Santa Barbara Eco-Beach Resort. This resort has absolutely breathtaking views of those quintessential Azorean hills, which can be viewed from your own private deck. Santa Barbara also has it's own pool and spa area.

Located on the north side of the island in Ribeira Grande, guests are in the perfect location to visit Lagoa do Fogo (one of the islands three massive volcanos, commonly agreed as the most beautiful one), and Caldeira Velha - natural hot springs where you can go bathing. 

 Cost: From £198 per night

Quinta de Santa Bárbara Casas Turisticas

Quinta de Santa Barbara offer beautiful waterfront apartments complete with kitchenette and soaking bathtub.

Located on the east side of Ponta Delgada Sao Miguel, Quinta de Santa offer free airport pickup as well as spa services, outdoor pool and beaches within walking distance.

Cost: £121 per night

Whales Bay Hotel

Another luxurious hotel with kitchenette on Sao Miguel Island Azores is the Whale Bay Hotel. With exceptional amenities room and wellness centre you can't go wrong with this hotel.

Located on the north side of the island this hotel is close to golf courses, museums, gardens and so much more!

Cost: £111 per night

So there you have it, seven of the best luxury hotels in the Azores Portugal. Hopefully there's something here for you, whether you're planning a special anniversary, a honeymoon or simply a luxurious trip. There's a great mixture of hotels here from modern to historic, glamorous to eco-friendly and everything in-between. Essentially something to satisfy everyones idea of luxury.

If you're still wanting more, check out this full list of hotels in the Azores or drop us a comment below. 

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