Why you should take the bus/coach in Thailand

Thailand, with it's friendly people, delicious food and breathtaking scenery, is one of my favourite countries on the planet. I've been up north, down south, and many places in-between, so people seem to think I'm some sort of expert on the matter (compared to first timers, sure, and sure I even lived in Bangkok for a while, but it still doesn't mean I'm an expert). So why should you listen to me? Because I have a piece of advice that is indisputably useful: for you, your wallet and the planet:

Make use of the buses and coaches in Thailand


It's comfortable 
First things first, if you're from America let me tell you - the buses in Thailand are grand: like they are nice, good quality coaches, so if you're basing your assumptions off of American buses, stop, this ain't America. 

In Thailand, long distance buses and coaches come with wifi, comfy seats that recline the whole way back, decent meals, sleeping bags if it's an overnighter and the odd film (or three). I'm not exaggerating when I say one of the best night's sleeps that I had in South East Asia was on one of these bad bois. 

It's authentic 

Unlike flying, you'll actually be able to see great stretches of this beautiful country: oxen roaming the land, paddy fields, wild dogs, it's a small but significant insight into real life in Thailand - live it.

Sometimes the coaches have a lot of backpackers, other times they're full of natives, so if you are white, you might find yourself to be a minority on these buses (which is probably good for you to gain some perspective). 

It's cheap

Okay so it's comfy and it's authentic, travels two gold-minds and ones that unfortunately often go hand in hand with paying an arm and a leg, right? Na, these buses are extremely good value - Chiang Mai to Bangkok for as little as £18, Bangkok to Krabi for just £24 (Book your tickets from Krabi to Bangkok here)- these journeys take longer than 10 hours, how good a deal is that? You can book your tickets for Thailand here. 

It's better for the environment

But isn't it quicker to fly? Firstly, not really when you factor in all the time it takes to get to the airport and through security and waiting around.. and secondly don't let your need for speed cloud your good heart - think about the cost to the environment. As travellers we have a duty to do as much as we can for this beautiful planet we're privileged enough to be exploring. It might mean saying no to a plastic bag here and there (and everywhere else in Thailand), it might mean opting for buses and coaches over planes. Scratch that, it should always mean opting for buses and coaches over planes, you'll reduce your carbon footprint astronomically, thank you!

More ways to care about the environment in Thailand: eat vegan in Thailand

Wrap up: why you should take the bus/coach in Thailand
All in all, bussing in Thailand can be fun, comfy, authentic and environmentally friendlier, what more could you want?