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Travelling Through Canada?

Here are two seemingly unconnected facts about Canada: It’s a very, very big country and it has quite a liberal attitude to gambling. While those facts may seem completely unrelated, the two can be connected when you consider one of the (few) downsides about making a long trip across a country like Canada – boredom.

Yes, if you are making a trip on a budget, the long hours can have a sense of tediousness. Sure, there might be some nice views if you are looking out the window of the train when covering, for example, the approximately 2000 miles Toronto to Vancouver, but pretty soon you are going to run out of options for games of “I spy”.

Playing games can help with long journeys

One, perhaps overlooked, boredom killer is playing some online casino games. Now, this site is all about travelling on a budget, so the advice is not going to be to empty your bank account and put everything on a roulette number – far from it. In fact, the advice is to check out if you can play some free online casinos games and perhaps make a little profit while you are at it.

Most online casinos in Canada will offer some sort of incentive to get started, even at times offering free spins or credit without the need to make a deposit. Bonuses can be weighed down with terms and conditions however, so it’s best to read up on all the dos and don’ts with a site like Bob Dealer, which will take you through all you need to know and point towards the best casino sites and bonuses.

Learn about the best casino bonuses and where to find them

Getting a free bonus, whether you have made a deposit or not, is only the first step, so you should learn a little about Bob Dealer and the advised strategies for maximizing that bonus cash. For example, not all games are equal when it comes to turning over (you have to gamble bonus money a number of times before you can withdraw it to your bank) the bonus funds. Learning which carry the most weight is always a wise move before attempting to turn the bonus into withdrawable profit.

For those not used to playing at online casinos, an eye-opening experience will await. Online casinos are not simply about roulette, blackjack and a handful of slots; they will always have gaming options to choose from, with some of the best casinos having anything from 500 to 1000 or more individual games. Indeed, the rise of live dealer games means that you can have an authentic, immersive experience on your mobile regardless of where you are on your journey. Even those outside the country can join in the fun. Anyone in the world can enjoy these casinos with the help of a VPN for Canada which gives you a Canadian IP address.

Even if you do not want to spend money, plenty of online casinos will allow you to play their games in demo form. So, you can while away the time playing ‘classics’ like blackjack without worrying about winning or losing. In fact, playing the demo version is always a good option before playing for real – that way you can get used to the rules, strategy and style of the game.