Everything you need to travel the world, all in one place - these are all websites or products that we personally use and trust:


HOUSE SITTING - FREE accommodation world-wide in luxurious homes (what more could you want). We use Trusted Housesitters because they're the biggest site and thus have the most sits. Sign up to our newsletter for a 10% discount for Trusted Housesitters

HOTELS.COM - nowadays pretty much all hotel comparison websites do a good job at finding the best hotels for your criteria, whether it's AgodaExpedialastminuteTripadvisor or

We pretty much always use though because after you've booked 10 nights the 11th is free (and when you travel full time that adds up). 

We do use Agoda too because we like the website layout, which sounds dumb.. But sometimes it's worth comparing Agoda and to see if one has a better deal for you or more choice. 

AIRBNB - Airbnb is the perfect mix of hotel and house sit: you can have your home comforts like a kitchen and a washing machine, but you can choose exactly when and where it is. We often rent out an Airbnb for a month at a time because there is usually a massive discount. Click the link: lcody2 for an Airbnb discount off your first trip


KIWI - if I could marry a website (that wasn't it would be Kiwi (formally Skypicker). This website is insanely cool and way better than any other flight comparison site ever. Choose criteria that really matter to you like dates, countries etc and be as flexible as you like - seriously - you can search to fly 'anywhere', or you can even search using radiuses - e.g. if you know you want to fly anywhere in the USA to anywhere in Europe, Kiwi will find you the best deals.

The only downside of Kiwi, which you can probably tell from my ramble, is it's really addictive, I spend ages on there looking up obscure flight paths and discovering what's the cheapest place to fly to - wanderlusters beware!

MEGABUS - Megabus is the cheapest way to take the bus long distances in the USA and Western(ish) Europe. Find ten-hour bus rides here for as little as $5 (or even less)!

ROME2RIO - Rome2Rio is my other go-to-website, here you can search how to get from A to B (or Rome to Rio) and it will tell you the routes - buses, trains, flights, driving and even lift share. Great place to start planning your trip

BLACKLANE - We use Blacklane for super special journeys when we want to be fancier than taking a cab. Perfect for anniversaries and luxury travellers - Use the code 624GRVGP for 10EUR/USD/GBP off your first trip!

SKYSCANNER - we used to use this for flight comparisons (before we found out Kiwi is way cooler), now we just use it for car comparisons. 


TOPFOXX - Laura's sunglasses are by TopFoxx, they make great Insta-good, statement sunglasses straight out of NYC. Use the code LAURA15 for 15% off TopFoxx.


WORLD NOMADS - World Nomads is pretty much the only option for people travelling long-term and/or with no home base. We've used them for the last four years and have never had any trouble with them. 

Read our full review: World Nomads Travel Insurance

Car Insurance for expats is important to note that expats need different insurance, get yours there. 


TRIPADVISOR - I take the reviews on TripAdvisor with a pinch of salt (pun intended), but it's still a pretty good resource

HAPPY COW - a great resource for finding cruelty free foods on the go, I don't like how they don't really have the prices of the meals on there, but then again neither does TripAdvisor, and you can always go to the restaurant's actual website for up-to-date prices. 


TEP - we use a TEP wireless when we need internet on the go and it's great - fits in your pocket and has great coverage. 


AWIN - people often ask how we make money whilst travelling, it's mostly through this website and partly through affiliate marketing. To get started with affiliate marketing you need Awin


CANON G7X - we use a Canon G7X to make our YouTube vlogs and we love it, it's compact and makes great videos (but I recommend getting a tiny muffler for it too). I also have a big DSLR for taking photos, but it's heavy and frankly, I think the Canon takes better photos - I love my DSLR but when it breaks we'll be getting another Canon G7X to replace it with. 


VIATOR - For the best tours try Viator, a TripAdvisor company, they have an extensive selection and competitive prices. 

Some, not all, of these links are affiliate links - if you click on them we get a tiny weeny bit of cash, at no extra cost to you. We only recommend affiliates of the people we actually use and love.