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This blog is all about travelling across this planet and your mind to weasel your way out of the habits that don’t serve you (or this planet). Hi I’m Laura, first I was a mathematician martial artist, then I looked after people’s houses in Australia and Western Europe. Next I was an instagrammer who worked with luxury hotels and tourist boards from Canada to Japan, UAE to South East Asia and back again. Then I randomly became famous in Hungary. Right now I am quarantined on an organic vegan farm in Eastern Europe. Life is weird, let me help you weasel your way into one you love.

Would you like to travel across the planet, weaselling your way out of habits that don’t serve?

Who are we?
This blog (along with the Youtube channel and other social media platforms) is the product of the labour and work of Laura (from England), Tanbay (from Germany) and Tamás (from Hungary). It is about our experiences whilst travelling and trying to do travelling cheap and more and more in an eco-friendly way. We still work with big touristic companies but we have our standards: we are, of course interested in the services provided but even more interested in the people who make these things run: those who work in the restaurants, clean our rooms in the hotels, who repair and maintain airplanes and trains, who drive the buses. This blog is dedicated to them and to the environment that has endured and endures the travels of these three homo sapiens around the globe.

Our Story
(Before I begin: please head over to the Contact/Press section if you're interested in working with us).
We started in 2013. I graduated in June and I left in July. In Birmingham. Maths degree. My then then boyfriend Tanbay was working in a shop.... (trendy clothes for teenagers, ever see that kind of cartoon design: 'Boys are stupid throw rocks at them'? ) Neither of us wanted to travel originally. Then Tanbay read Tim Ferris's book the 4 Hour workweek and he recommends you write down everything you ever wanted to do and how much it would be and that's how much you wanna be earning. Tanbay did that (you know, stuff western middle class teenage boys want do, like surfing and snowboarding and stuff... oh, how innocent we were back then) and then he worked out that could afford everything he wanted to do if he took out the  600 pounds we were paying for rent every month... plus he had high council tax (I didn't have to pay any as a student), like 100 pounds a month or something. So he looked up ways to live rent-free and the first thing that came up and we thought we could actually do that was house sitting. And so I signed up for the website (THS) but it was expensive. 
We saw a house sit on there, in Germany for two years, with a cat and dog and I was like that'd be perfect for us: we could both work, save all the money, get fluent in German... and then they didn't reply to us. But I didn't want to waste the subscription so I applied to literally to every single house sit. Most people didn't reply.. one person replied and he was like 'you're like 21, why would I trust you with my house?' And a couple of other replies like that. But we kept on applying until someone in Australia replied and she was like: 'well, you're a bit far away but if you're up for it then the job is yours". And that's how and why we flew across the planet and started house sitting in Australia.
That was a six-week housesit in the south of Australia, in Victora which is the south-east of Australia and another one near Adelai. On the map they looked relatively close together but it turned out they were 9 hours apart... you know, distances are like in the US. In England, big cities are an hour apart so I was like 'oh that looks close!' Anyway, we had 8 weeks sorted. We were like: even if we go there for two months, then we've been there for 2 months. But then we got more house sits obviously. So I guess that's how we weaselled ourselves out of the pay rent/mortgage kind of thing, the accommodation-trap. Everything is really expensive in Australia, including accommodation. This was 2013-2014.
Next was weaselling ourselves out of the 9 to 5 jobs rat-race. I was applying for graduate jobs whilst I was finishing my degree and I wasn't that successful. I did have a job interview at ALDI, actually. I had serious social issues by that point: I couldn't talk in front of more than one person and even that was hard bc I was so up myself (oh I was in this really long-term relationship, a Maths degree, I'm good at martial arts.. these were like the only things I would talk about). I wasn't good at socializing full stop, making friends with people ... I was really in a weird place. But when I got to Australia I got a job in a café -- like on the second day, as well! It was surprisingly easy. On the one hand, I hated it, because I really hated my boss -- he was trying to touch me I was just like... don't touch me -- but on the other hand it really helped me with my confidence in talking to people because I had to talk to people every day. And it also helped in bringing me down a peg or two cause I was like 'oh I have this first class Maths degree' and I got to the café and I was like I can't do anything: I can't remember orders, I can't make coffee, I can't clean, I can't cook... it brought me back down to Earth. I used to work at Weatherspoons in the UK during my first year at uni but that was all in the back in the kitchen and in a way that was harder but no one ever saw me dropping things and swearing (and being molested by my male co-workers... at the job interview they said: ‘to be frank, it's a tough job... I'll let you have it only because I can see you have considerable martial arts training’). Also, the kitchen in Weatherspoons was all boys and the café in Australia was all girls (apart from the boss).
When we went there, Tanbay had already been trying to make money online for years, like cryptocurrency and stuff like that. And then in Australia we started writing for this website: you basically write an article on anything you like and then you like other people's articles and the more likes and views you got, the more money you got. The income depended on the adverts on the side and stuff like that, of course. We did that for a little bit. But we had very limited internet in Australia. Also there I started working for Fiverr, so I took pictures on beaches saying "Happy Birthday, Ned!" or whatever ... yeah, people paid me for that. That's also when I started writing my book again which I had started when I was 16 or 17 but then I hadn't looked at it at uni and then when I was in Australia I started writing it again. I wrote loads of it but then my laptop broke and I lost it. Luckily I had some of it written down on paper and then some of it I remembered from memory. Anyway I was already writing a blog there, to tell my family what I was doing and then Tanbay showed me Sabrina's blog and that's when were were like ‘yeah, we could start doing this’.
I wanted to do that and I applied for that in Australia. And then I kinda got freaked out about money -- after Tanbay broke his arm (link to travel insurance) -- and I thought we would have to pay 20 grand for it. That's when I was like I'm ready to go back to England... I was really freaked out. We booked flights. But we had a few house sits left to do, we couldn't leave immediately and we had to be there for 4 more months. In the end we went back via China and had an overlay there for 19 hours that was like ages... but whilst I was there I was like oh I actually wanna go to Asia. And then we flew back to England and I went for this teacher job interview and I realized that I didn't really wanna do. So we started this blog. And I was like: yeah I wanna continue travelling... I looked at my map on my wall and I said: I wanna go to Brazil, South Africa, Canada, Asia, Japan, India... and then I took it back a notch and asked myself: what are the places I really want to go to? And even that was like 15 places... so okay, well, as a teacher I would have 6 weeks in the summer so I thought I'd just go to one a year -- but that's still gonna take you 15 years! And I was just like: I can't do that, I wanna go to these places now!
So we booked a bus to Amsterdam that went overnight and spent 24 hours there and then we went to Tanbay's mum in Germany and stayed there (she was really kind, paid for food and rent). There we continued building up the blog. That's when it started, really. And there I also started working properly on Fiverr: teaching English and doing translation work. We must've been there like for 3-4 months and then we had this house sit in Spain -- our first European house sit. And then we went back to Germany a bit and then took the bus over to Paris and then went back to England for Xmas. In 2015 we did a lot of house sitting, like back to back in Europe: Finland, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Greece and England. We went to the Azores without house sitting. Then, in 2015 September we met Sabrina in Berlin, we stayed with her overnight, slept on her floor and gave us so many tips about blogging... saying these things might sound impressive but at the time I very often had no idea what was going on!
Then we had this awful housesit in Greece in October 2016 and I had enough of not living the life we wanted to live and I made this visionboard of the places i wanted to go to. And so we went to Asia for three months and that's when we started working with hotels and tours. That's when we first started feeling like real travel bloggers. We were making Youtube videos every day. That's when things started kicking off: we worked with all these hotels and did all these tours and met all these people and then came back to Europe -- that's when we first went to Hungary, in June-July. Hungary was the first place where we worked with tours in Europe  (even though we originally went there because it was cheaper than Croatia, ha). It was like freedom: not as foreign as Asia (where you can't drink or brush your teeth with the water and gotta make sure you're careful what you eat and people don't necessarily speak English + very different customs... first world problems, I know but still) where in Bp it was like oh I'm actually living the life, it's familiar and it's cheap too.
Then the video about eating Hungarian and Italian snacks became hits... but we became vegan at the end of 2016 so I was like: oh fuck we can't do that anymore... what’s a similar thing? Let’s try speaking the language! So we did a video on speaking Hungarian and that went viral. The we went to Canada in 2017 and that was a big turning point because the Canadian Touristic Board invited us out there and they paid for our flights -- that's when I first felt like a professional travel blogger. We went to the US, as well and then we went back to Asia... and meanwhile, the Hungarian video took off and we were like oh shit we're on the wrong side of the planet. We worked with a Phillipino airline in Asia, they flew us to Japan, to the Phillipines, to Dubai, and then we came back to Bp and did these meet-ups with fans. We also started collaborating with Interrail, got passes and went to Nordic countries and then at the end 2017 we moved to Bp, basically. We took trips from there: Israel and Jordan. 2018 was when we started breaking up. We did a house sit in the UK then went back to Bp.