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What is Dharma?

My trusty computer dictionary tells us that dharma is:

what is dharma
For me, dharma is many different things, and discovering and sharing my own dharma whilst simultaneously learning from others about their own dharma and helping those that want it is my life's work. We all deserve to wake up every day content and happy and as we're strongest when we're connected, I write this in the hope that it speaks to you, as others have spoken to me. 

This page is currently a work in process but hopefully in time it will be full of helpful blog posts about how to find what brings you joy, as well as a platform for me to showcase my own art, music, books etc. I'll end now with a list of some of the things that bring me *pure* joy, not to show off, but rather to give you some ideas on where to start if you have no idea: 

  • Writing: poems, books, blog posts, songs, diaries, letters, postcards - you name it, I want to write it.
  • Reading: fiction or non fiction, I strive to be mindful with my readings
  • Music: singing, piano, rapping, drumming, howling 
  • Exercise: yoga, dancing, martial arts, running, walking, swimming, climbing
  • Artphotography, painting, drawing, organising my pens so they look pretty, lol. Making films
And if you already have an idea, gravitate towards it, fill your time with the things you love, because what you think you attract.