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5 Places on our 2019 bucket list

It's that time of year again people! No not Christmas - planning for next year's travels!

This year we actively chose to slow down a little on the travel front: in 2017 we travelled to 18 countries across three continents and had a ball of a time, but felt we were letting our morals down - by travelling without a clear purpose and by ignoring our part in the destruction of the environment (aka flying all the time). 

But despite slowing down we still managed to have a life-changing year in 2018. We visited 8 countries (across two continents) and each one we visited, we had a reason to go there. 

With that in mind, our 2019 are a mixture of the two: travelling, with a purpose, and having a ball!

1. India

India is right at the top of my bucket-list of countries around the world that I'd love to go to. Put simply, I'm dying to go on a holiday to India. I'm obsessed. Pinterest boards, blog posts, flight comparison websites, I'm over all of them. 

Visiting the Taj Mahal, doing a yoga course, seeing wild tigers, experiencing holi, and of course all the delicious foods. I could write a thousand reasons why I want to go to India.  

2. Egypt

I feel like there's not a person on the planet who doesn't want to go to Egypt. There's something so enchanting about infrastructure that's been around for some 4,500 years (commonly known as the pyramids). 

But it's not just for the pyramids that I want to go to Egypt. This year we went to North Africa for the first time (Morocco) and I'm hooked, I need more Africa in my life next year!

3. Peru

South America is the next continent on our bucket-list for us to visit. And top of that list is of course Peru, no not just because I love llamas! Everyone we know that's been there had the best time ever and if the beauty that shines through in its photos is anything to go by, we'll have a whale of a time! Whilst there I simply have to go on a life changing retreat, (and take a million photos of Machu Picchu of course). 

4. Mexico

Mexico has always been right at the top of my bucket-list, the food, the culture, the history, the beaches - what's not to love! 

5. Russia 

With all of these hot countries on our bucket-list it only seems fair to have a cold country on there too. Luckily Russia is a country I want to go to, cold weather aside. Again the history is fascinating and it seems to be a truly unique country. Furthermore, put simply, I love vodka!

Conclusion: 5 places on our 2019 bucket-list
There you have it, our 2019 bucket-list, I love to write these kind of posts and then look back at them a year later to see if my dreams became reality or not! 

What is on your 2019 bucket-list? Do you fancy coming on any of these trips with us :P