With corona still running around wild, many people are wanting to stay away from others as much as possible, they're tentatively dipping their toes back into travel, but understanably looking for things away from the masses. Re-enter camping, which is, consequently, seeing a real come back at the moment. This is partly because we tend not to camp right in the middle of, say, a busy city, but it goes a step further than that: no need to expose yourself to hotel workers who, even in the middle of the country, are seeing a high traffic of people. No, with camping you can be truly self sufficient and stay away from everyone - and more importantly, covid. But where are the best places to camp? Let's take a look! (Just so you know, these are just in my opinion, I have not been everywhere and even out of the places I have been I haven't camped in all of them. Further, I am just one person out of 8 billion, so please take this as a kick starter to your own unique list, not as gospel.)      

#5 Slovenia

Not to be confused with neighbours Slovakia and Serbia, Slovenia is one of the greenest countries in Europe and thus excellent for camping. Unofficially nicknamed 'the New Zealand of Europe', camping here gives you views of mountains, rivers and beautiful wildlife. I loved my time camping here, just don't do what I did lol - I forgot my sleeping bag! Unforgettable moment and hilarious to look back on. 

#4 Iceland 

Iceland is a country unlike any other on earth - in that its landscapes are unique af. So unique that they don't even look like they are from earth! There's so much nature to absorb over there, that in my opinion the only way to travel Iceland is by camping (plus, added bonus, you'll save a bunch on accommodation in this ultra expensive country). I also recommend you go in the summer though - it gets a bit nippy in winter, to say the least!

#3 Canada

Speaking of gorgeous nature, Canada is King when it comes to mountain ranges and lush forests. And as such a gigantic country you could camp here for years and still not see it all - just a thought ;). Added bonus that they do of course (in most parts) speak English here, so if you do bump into locals, they'll probably be no language barrier. 

#2 Kazakstan 

Another gigantic country just begging you to visit and camp there is Kazakstan. Nestled between Russia, China, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, this country is sadly often overlooked by tourists - an absolute shame in my opinion, why go to countries that everyone has been to (or in this case, heard of!) when you could go off the beaten path - and camp there! 

#1 Colombia

Camping might not be the first word that comes into your head when you think of Colombia - it might not even be the fiftieth or even hundredth, but I'm here to change that - Colombia is ripe with nature and actually has the largest number of different bird species on earth! Imagine opening up your tent and seeing exotic birds - you'll never forget it, believe me. 

Conclusion - best places to camp around the world

So there you have it, a list that, in my opinion, is of the best places to camp around the world. I've tried to include countries from all over the world so you can visit one nearer to you (so that you can take a bus or a train instead of flying to get there). But essentially, if you can camp there it will probably be an unforgettable experience - so go for it :D Let me know how it goes :)