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5 Best Destinations for Scuba Diving

Scuba diving has always been at the top of our bucket-list, complete immersion into a totally alien environment sounds like the ultimate travel experience. But where to begin? With five oceans out there and 197 countries to go from how do you even begin to chose? 

With this blog post about the 5 best destinations for scuba diving of course! So if you're interested in experiencing scuba diving for yourself keep on reading! 

1. Australia

Let's start with the Indian Ocean - the East Indian Ocean to be exact. When someone says 'scuba diving' and Australia, most people reply 'Great Barrier Reef'. But when it comes to Australia and scuba diving, Ningaloo Reef has always been much higher up on our list. Why? Due to the fact that Ningaloo is in far-away Western Australia, it has far fewer visitors than the Great Barrier Reef (Queensland). 

Visitors to Ningaloo will be greeted with no human crowds, just schools of fish, fevers of stingrays and, best of all, Ningaloo Reef is famous for Whale Shark sightings! One word of warning: absolutely one hundred percent do not forget your scuba diving cameras here! There will be so much you want to photograph and the instagood ops are endless. 

2. Belize

The first time I heard about the Great Blue Hole in Belize I was hooked (thanks Derek Lowe)! Scuba diving inside you'll find the world's largest underwater stalactites. 

What really interests me though, is the fact that things can get a bit trippy down there, because of how deep you can go - the nitrogen makes it feel like you're drunk.

And it's not just scuba diving we want to do there, seeing it from above from a helicopter also sounds like a solid plan! (Got to get that money shot)! 

3. Jamaica 

There are hundreds if not thousands of reasons we want to visit Jamaica, one of the strongest ones being to scuba dive of course.

Being a large island in the Caribbean, the possibilities for great scuba diving in Jamaica are almost endless and we can't wait to try them all! 

4. Chile - Easter Island

Ever since I heard about Easter Island I've been fascinated, in a kind of scared way - a society that were so obsessed with building statues that they did it until they died out? Weird! 

One of the scariest statues for me are the ones that are underwater so I can't wait to scuba dive under and check them out! 

5. Egypt  

Speaking of sunken ancient artefacts, how could I write a list of the 5 best destinations for scuba diving without including Egypt? 

Visitors to Egypt have the ancient Egyptian ruins pretty much always at the top of their bucket-list and those that scuba dive can enjoy these ancient ruins underwater! 

For those that don't scuba dive, yet, Egypt may be the perfect place for you to learn! Lessons are cheap and the underwater views are priceless.


So there you have it, 5 of the best destinations for scuba diving around the globe, in our opinion. What about you? Are you a pro scuba diver with some envy-making dives under your belt? Or are you more like us, with a killer bucket-list on your mind. Let us know! And hopefully we will see you under the waves sometime soon!