Pros and Cons of Small and Large Ship Cruises

No matter if you’re looking for the perfect romantic getaway, or you’re on your next big adventure to cross yet another country on your travelling bucket list, cruising is always the right answer. And no matter the destination, you first need to know everything about cruising ships. In the future, you’ll be booking the best charter cruises available, because you’ll have all the info you need.

The Pros of Small and Large Cruising Ships

The following article will walk you through all the benefits and disadvantages when it comes to cruise ship size. In the end, you’ll decide if a larger cruise ship suits you more, or you’ll decide on a smaller, cosier ship that will sail along the shores of some of your dream destinations.

Big Cruising Ship

If you’re an extrovert who loves the crowd, then the large cruising ship is the right decision for you right from the start. Big cruisers tend to fit in more passengers, making them seem busier and a lot more crowded. There are cruisers that can carry over 5.000 passengers on board, and all of them will be comfortable, with a separate room and high-end service. Another advantage is that you’ll probably never run into the same people twice unintentionally, so you’ll avoid the small talk if you don’t want it.

Big cruising ships are like floating mini towns. They have dozens of restaurants, bars, cafes and you’ll definitely find a place for yourself in one of them. Your room will be spacious and comfortable, and depending on the ship you’ll have different accommodations. There are also pools with different depths and small markets where you can buy different things. Some of them even have a whole nightclub with a great rave. The restaurants have live performers, and if you’re lucky enough it might be your favourite performer. Sometimes there are singers, other times comedians. People love it and they have to be there, so if you plan on joining, you better do that earlier to save yourself a seat.

Small Cruising Ships

Opposite of the bigger cruisers, smaller cruising ships offer you a relaxed atmosphere, with less of a crowd and they are much quieter. Small cruisers carry fewer passengers, so you get to know the people on board, and you can make great friends with some of them. Smaller ships are more stable and you’ll most definitely avoid feeling seasick.

There are also live performances, so your nights will be terrific, and by the end of the night, you’ll be able to go to the front deck of the ship and watch the ocean in front of you without having to squeeze in between people. It has a lot more intimacy than the big cruiser and if you’re more of a private person that likes to spend some time alone, it will definitely be the right choice for you.

Wrap Up: Pros And Cons Of Small And Large Ship Cruises

So there you have it, some of the basic pros and cons of small vs large ship cruises! Here is a video about this in case you are more interested:

What do you think of small vs. large ship cruises? Have you had any experience with them? Feel free to share you tips and advice :)

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